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MP Naglis Puteikis responded to LL questions - Why Grybauskaite now invented to get rid of its own appointed head of DHS G.Grinos? Is this to blame the failed SSD Operation vaccinations? - If you believe in Palanga chief. prosecutor Pažarskienės lint lizard testimony when she said that candidates for the presidency of the Prosecutor General demanded absolute obedience, and received a D.Valio person, it apparently was caused by GRIN and similar conditions. And what happens to the absolutely reliable operators? It turns out that they ques carries all the instructions and lack of imagination. Both gen. The prosecutor and the head of DHS. For example., Operation Vaccination showed that there was a creative energy and spirit lint lizard of the SSD, and the prosecution did everything too primitive. However, the operation "Vaccinating" the result of the poor - all unhappy with both the public and Ulbinaitė as well as Grybauskaite. Such a life, but if the presidency involve creative persons, the result would be better. After all, look how looks SSD G.Grina - he always giggle. After all, is not a man of rank constant giggle, and all lower-jokingly. Is the answer to the family or journalists' questions, Green makes everything a joke. To clean this case seriously and looks decent. lint lizard - What will be the next Attorney General? Maybe Interim Attorney Darius Raulušaitis who leaked the information about the future of Snoras assault? - Anti-Corruption Commission meeting Raulušaitis we lied on the FCIS manager, and it is recorded in the minutes. Only problem is that all of the western states that public officials can not lie parliamentary commission of inquiry to the United States for 20 years in prison. But Lithuania is the criminal liability for lying Parliamentary committees. Raulušaitis lied, but still remained in the Deputy Attorney General.
- Everyone lint lizard knows that it is Raulušaitis leaked information about the future of Snoras assault, but the prosecutor's office is already four years old can not find the offender, because they are afraid to question their superiors? Is not it funny situation? - Raulušaitis now governed by the General Public Prosecutor's Office, and not to self-exploration. The law provides that if the Attorney General has investigated or acting person, a study initiated by the presidency. If Raulušaitis is provided in place of Darius Hooray, it is natural that the presidency does not initiate any investigations. Or is it likely to be the next candidate for Attorney General. It formed part of Freud: "The fact that information about Snoras Raulušaitis leaked, he could not do it arbitrarily. It was part of a wider operation, and this was consistent with those who planned the whole operation) - then the question arises, what was the benefit of Snoras bank seizure, and who was involved? - We all know that Snoras' Closing Lithuanian budget cost 5 billion. Molded. - But is that really lint lizard the bank that had been ruined by the nationalized? - The media version was that it was the result of the Russian military factions. - But not the Russians closed lint lizard Snoras, Lithuania and the Bank? - Knowing Lithuania indices of corruption, would not rule out the possibility that Lithuanian politicians were bribed. In addition, the destruction of Lithuanian banks are useful and Scandinavian banks. At the same time it must be said that Snoras' blatantly violated the laws of Lithuania - raising money through so-called certificates of deposit system, which was illegal. Snoras owners have to understand what is at risk, but the risks knowingly, and it was closed. However, after treatment with the bank's bankruptcy estate, and that those involved in scams, bank insolvency administrator and liquidator show that was dirty things. lint lizard While one of them a criminal case, we really do not know whether it is brought in to actually convict or to write conclusions that everything lint lizard is done legally. After Lithuania prosecuted in order to eliminate competitors, or to prove that the wrongful act is legitimate. - - - - Add Comment
By the way, before Snoras hijacking took place at the famous meeting of the General Prosecutor's Office, which has been discussed a plan to seize Snoras, attended not only by the prosecution, and DHS representatives FCIS, but the President's national security adviser Markevičius and another officer of the President. However, at this meeting the FCIS, which specializes in economic crime, declared that reason lint lizard hijacked Snoras is not, and greatly doubted the success of the operation and legality. That is why the President Grybauskaite and demanded that the Ministry of the Interior Minister Palaitis exempt FCIS leaders. The reason he came up with the already mentioned SSD - G.Grina had created a "certificate" that supposedly FCIS leaders passed a lie detekoriaus inspection.
DELFI also reserves the right to anonymous statistical information to third parties. DELFI may collect and use your personal data - name, address, and so on. goods and services užsakymam

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