Saturday, September 27, 2014

Glory of the toilers blog (a militia sympathizer)

I do not know quite what people expect political team! Is he talking to us first, bread and water will be political? Fresh bread and cut Bmvnm (Ohm - Ohm) Secondly, we lay people do not know what the policy is? Our financial policy of Bhtrvnh! zanussi We Bhtrvn goblins are of course not! Well, that political goblins but does not work? Im CE devil! So overall Shytvnm zanussi its mark circuits politics! Say the policy is that parents never did Hey God, that's why people are being told to do 2 minutes Bshynyn Think before deceives naughty and the guys are local to eat up !! Astghfra ... These words are coming to me ignorant! Me what the dollar policy and market ...
Every time I think I'm injections of the same Bchgyam candies and chocolates after his mates! That was why she did not understand what happened to me! Good ... understood how he grew up loving! Morrow dont see what the policy is? I think we should just be candy, zanussi or who can bear the pain? You almost everywhere zanussi you go without the filter breaker facebook? Where on earth can you low prices every day Dlarshvn? America did the same thing so you can Znyn Sngshv chest Nun Sngksh 500 Tumen incapacitate might be? Next we have to abandon all the blessings Bchsbym melon? Politics therefore I am! Summary You have no proxy is an opportunity to go to your Facebook! Walk later! How do you rest after we learned? You gave up on life as time goes by! Likes nice to put on your ...
Written by Maziar **** humor Shahsavan (+ Pur) welcome. Please do not enter with shoes. Rules: 1 - If you've brushed, teeth brushed up while laughing, do not be alarmed bystander. 2 - If the writings hate, curse and curse to extend the rental prices, yogurt, juice, yogurt, juice, milk, etc., and if you were bored, tell me in the comments or criticism Kaftar ( dove) a cited to send emails. Curse *** Made the following people: No comments out of the blog, this blog of people writing on the wall, in the bathroom with a bang this blog review, economic corruption and ... **** Everyone ******************** this blog in their own name or copying without citing the source, then the world will gather zanussi beetles. *********************** Respond to all comments in this blog are concerned, if sooner, zanussi please do not send insults and curses, maybe the author of Fanny buried there.
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Angels are crying, they are ignorant people of the earth ...
Let us reconcile our Blonde ...
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