Monday, September 15, 2014

Internet pavieintos Nokia T7-00 photos (14)

9 Intel claims that the world is 711 million. PC aidj
Ubisoft has announced another "Anno series Game -" Anno 2070 ". The whole operation will move from the history books in the future. "Anno 2070" creates "Related Designs studio with Blue Byte studio support. of the game will need to colonize the world, which will be held soon global warming. of the game, you can select two factions: one more hazard storage basket to mobilize industry (Fuu!), and the other - eco-friendly measures, known as the "The Ecos. (J!). "Related Designs"'s promises that it will create a "dynamic world", in which handeld how the use of your resources, the environment will change. As one might expect, is one aidjo REIMS - The game-ending, well, but it will need to keep the higher storage basket civilizations. "Anno 2070 is a very ambitious The game, which will be both new and already pastamas this franchise gerbjams" - said Caroline Stevens, Ubisoft's marketing director. Anno 1404, the predecessor of the game, appeared in October 2009. "Anno 2070" is scheduled for release this year's IEM exclusively for personal computers. storage basket;
Well, the property be quite interesting to if neperds Visoki robot or other metal campfire. I solve the themes (eco) of poverty as well be. EDIT: picture looks very attractive with 3D graphics UBISOFT ... http: ... // storage basket
siaip šiektiek nusyvliau when I read the headline, storage basket thinking, "Oh hell, shit again in the future interferes with the perfect strategy but was enough to see one of the screenshots, and I realized that there is still part of this masterpiece of komponijos
Internet pavieintos Nokia T7-00 photos (14)
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