Sunday, September 28, 2014

Majlis Research Center

Part of the Masnavi, "Bach Llahyn Ayshynh" by Yusef-Zadeh Tarvrdy
Majlis Research Center
Tom did not succeed in school, and mother decided to teach him at home. From the many books he has to study. Tom was a curious boy, always trying to figure out how things worked and they loved to make them work better. Their teens selling sandwiches and things like candy or pastry shop alongside the railway track passed. He used to sell their wares, often traveling by train, he represented the railroad company acquired the distribution leifheit of a Detroit newspaper. The savings resulting from the sale of newspapers, he bought a printing machine. In addition to a clerkship in 1862 as one of the most agile high Tlgrafyst passed and during exercise Dsttryn telegraph operator in the United leifheit States. Because leifheit he wanted to do all the things around him better, his mother allowed him to place the laboratory leifheit in the house and experiments to make the. Only 21 years old when his first invention, an electric leifheit vote-counting machines were shipped. It did not sell the device, and then focus your efforts on inventing instruments that would be a good market. Shortly after the invention of counting, Advanced System Info screen in stock, and could have invented the sum of forty thousand dollars, which was a huge sum in those days, sell. The invention offers numerous famous and rich. Invented the phonograph, which was registered in 1877 was considered probably one of Abtkarytryn leifheit inventions. But that was what mattered most to the world in 1879 in order to complete the development of the light bulb's heat. Edison was not the first person who invented the electric lighting system. A few years before that of an arch-shaped electric lamps were used for lighting the streets of Paris. But Edison's electric light bulb with the electric power distribution system leifheit is developed, the use of electricity for lighting homes construction. leifheit Company in New York in 1882, he began manufacturing light bulbs use electricity in our homes, and since then has spread rapidly around the world. With the establishment of the first factory and distribution network for homes and private residences built the foundation for the development of the industry. Decided to use the light energy source is not only limited to providing a great range of home appliances, from televisions to washing leifheit machines, the electricity works. In addition to the possibility of receiving electricity generation and distribution networks that Edison created the electric power industry is possible. He also made great contribution to the development and completion of the movie cameras and projectors. In the revised telephone system did a great job, its innovative line of charcoal on opposite sides of the phone said hearing. The reforms also created the telegraph and teletype machines. leifheit Among other inventions include the "dictaphone" and a battery storage system named. One reason for this extraordinary ability to invent and innovate, it is the beginning of a new research lab in "Mnlvpark" Jersey established a competent and experienced team of people to work and called her. It was actually a prototype of large research leifheit labs that created the most important industries in addition to their workplaces. Create such a modern research laboratory and snug where many people are engaged in teamwork and collective bargaining should take into account one of the most important inventions of Edison, but he could not bring to register your name. Inventor spend, but only a few companies in the field of industrial organization and the important work done. One of the organizations he created a company that is today called the "GE" is well known and famous throughout the world. In 1877 CE. Managed to build a device that could record sound and play back two or three times. "Recorder" Edison's phonograph (Phonetic) was named, was a simple construction: metal cylinder with a handle at one end of the needle driver who was embedded with a beep. When one cylinder rotates and the horn was speaking, the vibration of the needle, a thin sheet of tinfoil cylinder Khrashhayy went away. It was enough to hear the recording needle back to the beginning of the course and again at the turn of the cylinder to rotate. It's sound quality was very low and tin are thrown away after several uses. However, leifheit the primary reason was fantastic and the people were greatly appreciated. Edison's Newspaper "Wizard of Menlo Park" was the title. Even the government has formally invited him to Washington to demonstrate his invention to the authorities. Ten years later (1887.) To replace the wax ring tin plate, and finally the German-American Emile Berliner invented wax cylinders to become a plastic plate, gramophone transformed into its present form. The great inventor, the greater part of his life, but he suffers from a severe lack of disability and discomfort was offset by the premieres of a lot of hard work. There was no discussion and debate leifheit about Edison's talent and ability, and all of this unanimous her where it was invented leifheit in the greatest geniuses of all time. The mass media also play a major role in converting film and standard leifheit 35 mm film are among his inventions. She founded the first film studio in the world, called Black Maria

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