Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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On Saturday morning the city Kėdainių uproar enchanted Kėdainių the old town, which dates back to the right here and it was purchased, artisans, townspeople center of gravity, lava e seca and solemnly handed the honor Kėdainių city flag - tells Kėdainių significant city in Europe. 17 hours. Kėdainių city park welcomed all attendees singer kėdainietis Jankavičius lava e seca Mars. Vivacious lava e seca performers entertained kėdainiečius. Mars himself said that today he is singing Kėdainiuose very honored, because the guy Kėdainiuose performing for the first time. Said Kėdainių loving the city and enjoyed lava e seca the audience who gathered to sing along with him. After much interest and the Manto concert that received applause greeted by all the inhabitants of the small Kėdainių. In the evening, the park was Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra and excellent soloists Bavikinas Sant'Egidio, Merūnas Vitulskis, Eve Prudnikovaitės lava e seca Edmundo saliva Vaido Vyšniauskas, Kristina Zmailaitės concert. Orchestral conductor Modesto Pitrėnas concert led a popular actor Marius Jampolskis. Sunday from 11 am Jonusas Radziwill faculty universal sport course reigned basketball. After persistent game Kėdainių basketball lava e seca teams were awarded honorable mention mayor for sporting achievements, Kėdainių edge glorification. congratulates all kėdainiečius birthday with a beautiful city and wish to promote their own land, build the future of the city and promoting its noble deeds Kėdainių name. invites everyone to create the longest greeting Kėdainių city to greet each other, lava e seca remember Kėdainių city life moments. (Impressions and greetings are welcome lava e seca the comments section.) Dear kėdainiečiai, Kėdainiečiai inherent in this expensive city, because the city is nothing without the people would not, and that is what counts. I want to welcome you all to this beautiful holiday and wish you well and continue lava e seca to love your town, decorate and take care of them, because most people only means that we have a very beautiful city Kėdainiai. lava e seca Be happy living here! Lithuanian Seimas of the Republic, Vice-President Virginia Baltraitienė. I send cordial greetings kėdainiečiams, full Kėdainių large urban community would like to congratulate the birthday of the city. I kėdainietis, so all the memories of this city is warm and Parys best. I wish that Kėdainių city to admire the beauty of your city residents, tourists, visitors lava e seca to the city. Long has the Kėdainių city. Kėdainietis, lava e seca the Republic of Lithuania Vytautas Gapšys MP. "Today I want to welcome all kėdainiečius a special day for the city. Together we celebrate the 637 th birthday of the city. Today the largest city Kėdainių accept responsibility bestowed the honorary flag. Kėdainiečiui It is for everyone." - Welcomed Kėdainių District Mayor Nijole Naujokienė. Kėdainiečiai dear, I am glad that today Kėdainių mini-city has its 637 th birthday. I remember the city is gray, dusty, bumpy, but kėdainiečių effort, desire and determination today is quite different. I am glad that the city has maintained not only for its deep-rooted traditions, but also uniquely changed. Kėdainiai wish that they bloom, flourish. The people that stood in the city dydybę, tolerance, beneficial investment. MEP Viktor Uspaskich handsome young, to all these beautiful greetings lava e seca kėdainiečiams and I want to contribute. Our city is constantly evolving lava e seca and developing. Today I want to thank the young people together Kėdainių wish to more actively shape the future of the city Kėdainių, idealizuotume your ideas right here and generating mature, but the young Kėdainių image of the city. Youth organizations Chairman Victor Fiodorovas. More festive moments will soon find www.
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