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| steamname: Arthour kalasjnikov | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:10884373 egee | steamID64: http://steamcommu

| steamname: Arthour kalasjnikov | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:10884373 egee | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
I have no idea why i am banned, i wrote in a treads on cs go lounge and asked a guy how many keys he wanted for a knife. egee I tried to go the csgo lounge later the same night and was banned. Reason is fake rep on steamrep and i have no idea what that means?​
Fake rep means posting a positive reputation comment for someone without a trade actually happening. egee Did you ever give someone a +rep on their profile or some other reputation site without first completing a trade?
No why would i do that? i only gave +rep once i think and that was after a trade. But thats like almost a year ago i think? why would i be banned now for a trade i did a year a ago which was legit and not fake?
I tried to login to and it said [Automatic] egee User detected as a SteamRep scammer. User was marked as the following: SR SCAMMER. wtf?? is this SR guy legit? is he just banning random ppl for the fun or it or wtf? on that site it says scammer and on steamreps own site it says fake rep? I havnt dont anything? where is the proof? i mean wtf he just bans ppl without any proof? next thing i know he is probably photoshopping some proof right now . wtf is this s
Now it says BANNED BY SR 1 SCAMMER AS FRIENDS The friend that was scammer added me when i had knife on market and wanted to trade with me, i had no idea he was a scammer and removed him again soon after. We didnt trade because he seemed egee shady. Hope this helps.
Giving egee someone a +rep without doing a trade makes them seem more trust worthy, even if they shouldn't be trusted with anything. I don't see a report on your profile or any comments... This is probably egee something that was done internally by SteamRep staff. Best thing you can do now is wait for one of the admins to comment on this.
Admins do not run around banning people for no good reason. You were tagged for giving rep to the following user Suggest you double check your inventory history for around the date of Jan 15th 2012
I didnt give gim any rep? what do you mean i looked at egee steam page and there is no comment or anything from me? i dont understand this i havnt given anyone rep
You can check your inventory history through the Steam browser by clicking on your profile, click inventory, more, view inventory history. Here's a screenshot of where the inventory history link is in case you can't find it: After that, just click on the numbered pages and try to find the day in question. Post a screenshot egee here when you find it.
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