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| steamname: Scrip | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:56306690 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep: maytag bravos
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He was 2 Months on my Friendlist and he said he made a Raffle of an unusual that is 20 buds worth that is true but he told me when i give him my unusual i can win the raffle so i did that after the trade i told him how much it takes he said 1 day... after 1 hour he said: i need your taunts because only 1 unusual in not very much" i was very nervous but i gived them to him next day; he unfriended i knew it was a scam to get my taunts and my unusual i was very sad about that but he is admin of a raffle group and if anyone enter his raffle...he dont add them to the raffle so he is a raffle scammer i think i hope you can help me thanks. i think the name of the group was: Trading/Raffles/Giveaways/Pots/Gamenights P.s: my steam is on german cause i life in germany so here a screenshot of the trade histroy. ( you can ignore maytag bravos that sign in the mid of the screenshot im using a trial version of a screenshot program because ive got an laptop)​ Provide Evidence:
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He may be lying in order to close this report since you was smart enough to save the evidence, unlike many other victims. Also, reporter cannot revoke a report, I'm sorry. Also, if he did hold his side of a deal or return you your items, any screenshots proving maytag bravos this can help. Or you can ignore this and let him post counter evidence by himself since he's more interested in it.
.HmX*MentleGen. New Member
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