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15-reduces the risk of kidney stones and bladder: a reduction in drinking water increases the risk

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1 Weight loss: The loss of water weight. No calories, no fat, no sugar, no carbs and nothing xxf else! 2 reduced xxf heart attacks in America during the research that was conducted in 2002, researchers concluded that people who drink 41 glasses of water a day, more than 5% less than those who drink 2 glasses of heart attacks die from them. 41% risk reduction of 3 glasses of water a day is not worth dying for? 3 Increased energy: energy shortages and lack of water causes the body to the bout. If you're thirsting for the water shortage, and this deficiency causes weakness in the muscles and other vital systems. 4 Treatment of Headache: A large percentage of headaches that take too much due to lack of water in the body. There are many reasons but the main reason is lack of water. 5 Healthy Skin Drinking enough water helps the skin healthy too. Most people drink enough water after a week or two well-marked changes in their own skin. Healthy skin is clean and becomes more lush. 6 digestion: digestive system to digest and excrete water to a relatively large amount of food needs. Drink adequate amounts of water to facilitate digestion process and prevent digestive problems such as excessive stomach acid. 7 toxins: water to flush out toxins and waste products in the body is essential. 8 Prevention of Cancer: Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45% and bladder cancer by half. It is also useful for preventing breast cancer. 9 yields higher water shortage for sportsmen is very dangerous and harmful to the athletes who are more active should consume more water because the muscles need water to work well. After some time, always drink water before exercise xxf or other activities, xxf and after that time also.
10 Stress Reduction: 85% of brain tissue is water. When thirsty, the body and brain to conduct its activities under stress encountered. To reduce the stress levels at work and always have a glass of water on your desk or during exercise, a water bottle with you, and with less stress on the activity fee.
11.-efficiency raises brain: Clinical trials have shown that a lack of water lowers the effectiveness of short-term memory and concentration damage. The logic behind this is simple: if it's xxf your little brain substance, performance problems can be caught. It's xxf like driving a car without gasoline. In the brain, water, proteins, and enzymes that carry fluids to dilute and deliver this material to help destinations. When a water body is low, these liquids are slower to deliver his load and brain function suffers.
12 prevent cramps: Drink water makes the muscles less prone to congestion and insufficient oxygen and cleans toxins that are easier done. The water acts as a lubricant xxf in the joint. When your body does not have enough water, you can have more power and more time to do physical work.
13 nourishes xxf the skin: fine lines and furrows in the skin during water shortages, more profound and more. Drinking water will become more obese young skin cells and reduce wrinkles and the skin. Water will also improve the blood flow to the skin and cleanse the skin of impurities xxf and allows the skin to provide better nutrition.
14 to improve the functioning of the digestive system: water-like fibers can improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Water facilitates xxf the movement of the gut contents along it. Some minerals are well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract is achieved with the help of water molecules.
15-reduces the risk of kidney stones and bladder: a reduction in drinking water increases the risk of urinary tract stones. xxf Water will dilute the salt

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