Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 - Design by Taufiqullah Neutron

Since the number of stockpiled fuel in the power plant, it needs special attention regarding the management of hoarding fuel to prevent fire. It should be built around the fuel tank in the form of a safety tub walls. This safety tub volume must be equal to the volume of the tank so that if a large leak, fuel does not flow anywhere wasvoorschriften because everything is accommodated by the seat tub.
In coal stockpiling, reversal and watering should be done to prevent ignition of the coal itself. At the hoarding of fuel oil (BBM), must be prevented leakage of the fuel can flow to the installation of a high-temperature fire that could occur.
On the use of gas as a fuel, fuel leak detection gas (CNG) is more difficult than the leakage of fuel oil (BBM). Therefore, the use of gas, tools must be reliable leak detection to prevent fires.
Supervision wasvoorschriften hydrogen gas leak that is used as a generator coolant leak similar to the control BBG, considering also flammable hydrogen gas. Because of the risk of a large fire at the power plant, then there must be adequate fire fighting installations and personnel need to be trained periodically to face the possibility of fire.
From the description in several previous section, it appears that the power plant installation there are a lot of equipment. The main factor that determines the size of the power plant can be built is the availability of fuel and water cooling, in addition to land large enough. Given these things, it is economically built a new power plant with installed capacity above 10 MW per unit.
The larger the installed power, more economical. Technically, the power plant can be built with installed capacity above 1,000 MW per unit. PLN's Unit which is the largest power plant currently is 600 MW in Suralaya, West Java.
2014 - Design by Taufiqullah Neutron

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