Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dr. Spin Out

Moin, I'm looking for (mainly Baltic fr) a board, fusselrasierer with whom I can get along well in smaller waves. A bit can be pushed and sometimes hoppsen, nothing wild ... and more at more than 20-25 knots is final. Who can give me recommendations from experience?
Dr. Spin Out
Moin Schrzfrei, according to your requirements come again the usual Verdchtigen the FSW board group in the Gre 110l (+/- 5l) in question: - Tabou 3S - RRD FSW - Fanatic Freewave (in the small size s certainly waviger than the competitors! Whether this is also true for the 116er, I do not know. He who comes not, therefore, as a thruster! Hence the 106er wre probably better as you this as a single fin and can drive thruster board! And with 100kg should fusselrasierer still work, go frh and be very agile!) However, if you are looking NEN real groes wave board, you make sure the already recommended Goya Quad 118 nothing wrong. Martin ten Hoeve is this run at the World Cup in Tenerife a few weeks ago! It worked very well and he is not only driven straight Greeting much success in board search, Tom __________________
Dr. Spin Out
I had before my 3S 116 a Madd Madd 115 and then a 112, which is identical to the current 107. The 112 was compared to the 3S when planing about the same, but much harder air over the chop, the 3S air soft and gentle knee! Manvereigenschaften are awesome at 112, but you mu krftig this step on the edge, then the 112 is also in the shaft without catching any radius and without large loss journey. Fusteuerung out of the loops out is not available !!! The Board feels it totally dead on, the air just edging it straight, which I never liked really. The older 115 was to loose properly in comparison, the 112 was dead! That was the reason for me, but still something else to try and I luckily found the 3S. Planing about equally fusselrasierer well, superior to smoothness clear Fusteuerung fusselrasierer similar loose like the old Madd 115, Manvereigenschaften something better like the 112 but with much more speed loss after tight jibes. Just typical for Singlefin compared to Twinser. Seagrass strength for the Baltic Sea at 112 ok with 2 x Lessacher weed wave 21 cm, the 3S 1 x 25 cm weed wave sail with up to 6 m or 28 cm weed Duo with 6.9 m sail. Go Twinser meant for me a big change in driving style, because I very consistently getting the Luvkante burden mute, otherwise immediately Spinout on the windward fin, which has drawn air. Especially in very Ostseekabbel getting used to. I still have a Madd 136 as "low wind" -Waveboard, incredible but for me absolutely perfectly on flat water and in the wave sail from 6.0 m to 7.5 m, I never give forth again! !!
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