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In operation, the gas turbine unit can be operated in advance to generate electrical power while in

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Combined Cycle Power Plant is a combination of a power plant with the power plant, where the heat from the flue gas of a power plant is used to produce steam that is used as a working fluid in the power plant. And the part which is used to produce steam that is HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) .PLTGU is an installation of equipment 3 iron that is used to convert the heat energy (the burning of the fuel and air) into useful electrical energy. Basically, this PLTGU system is a merger between a power plant and a power plant. Panasdan energy power plant utilizing steam from the exhaust gases of combustion in a power plant to heat the water in the HRSG (Heat RecoverySteam Genarator), so it becomes dry saturated steam. 3 iron Dry saturated steam is what will digunakanuntuk rotating blade (propeller) The gas produced in the combustion chamber at the Central Electricity TenagaGas (power plant) will drive a turbine and then a generator, 3 iron which will turn it menjadienergi 3 iron electricity. Similarly, power plant, 3 iron power plant fuel can be a liquid (fuel) and gas (natural gas). The use of fuel combustion efficiency and determine the level of the process. Prinsipkerja power plant are as follows, first preformance air is introduced through a compressor with air filter / air filter so that dust particles did not enter into the compressor.
Padakompresor increased air pressure and flow into the combustion chamber to be burned with the fuel. Here, determining whether the use of fuel can be directly burned with air or steam tidak.turbin. If using CNG, the gas can be directly mixed with the air to be burned. But jikamenggunakan fuel carburetion should be done before the new burner air mixed dandibakar. Combustion 3 iron of fuel and air will produce gas temperature and pressure tinggiyang energy (enthalpy). This gas is then sprayed into the turbine, the enthalpy of the gas is converted to mechanical energy by turbinmenjadi that turn a generator to produce electricity. After going through the turbines sisagas heat discharged through the chimney 3 iron / stack. Because gas is sprayed into the turbine bersuhutinggi, then at the same time cooling 3 iron is done with air cooling of turbine lubangudara on turbin.Untuk prevent corrosion due to high-temperature gas, the fuel used should not contain metal Potassium, 3 iron Vanadium, and Sodium. 3 iron
In operation, the gas turbine unit can be operated in advance to generate electrical power while in process exhaust gases to produce steam in a boiler utilizing the exhaust 3 iron gases. Approximately six (6) hours later, after the steam in the boiler enough, the steam supplied to a steam turbine to produce 3 iron electrical power. How it works PLTGU can be seen in figure 1.1
Open cycle is the process in which the production of electricity at PLTGU exhaust gas from the gas turbine directly discharged into the air through the flue channel output. Exhaust gas temperature in the chimney channel output reaches 550 C. Such a process can be referred to as the Combined Cycle Power Plant process gas turbine power generation is a process of generating 3 iron electricity generated by the gas turbine rotation. The process of electricity production in the Combined Cycle Power Plant is shown in Figure 1.3.
If the Open Cycle gas from the gas turbine exhaust directly discharged through the chimney channel output, then the Closed Cycle process, the exhaust gas from the gas turbine will be utilized prior to the cooking 3 iron water in the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator). Then the steam generated from HRSG will be used to turn a steam turbine to produce electricity after the first turn a generator. So the Closed Cycle process is called as process steam Gas Power Generation is the generation of electricity generated by the gas turbine wheel and steam turbines.
The electric power generated in the Open Cycle process certainly 3 iron smaller than the electric power generated in the power production process Closed Cycle. In practice, both the above cycles tailored 3 iron to the needs of the public 3 iron electricity. For example, only the Open Cycle desirable because the power supply of the Open Cycle meets the electricity needs of the community. So that the damper (stack holder) that limits the HRSG flue gas and made close, thus exhaust gas supplied to the output channel of air through the chimney. 3 iron And when the Open Cycle power needs of society have not fulfilled the steps taken to implement the Closed Cycle. However, the electrical mechanical system, a machine would be better to always operating condition, because when the machine will stop a lot of lead corrosion, change 3 iron the settings (settings), nuts or bolts which began sagging and so on. In addition 3 iron to the always fallow

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