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In terms of human resources, personnel who operate nuclear power plants must meet very strict requi

The power plant is part of the industrial equipment used to produce and generate electric power from various power sources, such as power plants, nuclear power plants, hydropower, solar, PLTSa, and others. The main part of this power is a generator, a rotating machine that converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy by using the principle of magnetic fields and electrically conductive. The generator engine is enabled by using a variety of energy sources that are very bemanfaat in a power plant.
Steam power plant (power plant) is a plant that relies on the kinetic energy of steam to produce energy from the main listrik.Bentuk this type of power plant is connected to a generator that is driven by the power of kinetic turbinyang of steam / dry. Uapmenggunakan power a wide variety of fuels, especially coal and fuel oil as well as MFOuntuk initial start up. Coal power plant, the fuel used is coal vapor which consists of sub-bituminous and bituminous class. Lignite also began to have a place as a fuel in the plant in recent years, along with the development of technology that is able to accommodate the generation of low-quality coal
All power plants, including nuclear power plants, have relatively the same working principle. Fuel (either in the form of coal, gas or uranium) used to heat water into steam that will be. Steam turbine rotate the turbine and then rotate a generator that will produce electricity.
A striking difference is that nuclear iron order mc power plants do not burn fossil fuels, but can be split using fuel (fissile material). In the reactor, the fissile iron order mc material reacted with neutrons so that the chain reaction that produces heat. The heat produced is used to generate high-pressure steam, then the steam is used to drive a turbine. With the use of fissile material, means not produce CO 2, acid rain, or other toxic gases such as if the use of fossil fuels. How secure NPP?
Compared to other power plants, nuclear power plants have a higher iron order mc safety factor. This is demonstrated by the comparative study of accidents that have occurred in all power plants. Statistically, iron order mc accidents at nuclear iron order mc power plants have much lower percentages than those in other power plants. This was due to the design iron order mc of nuclear power plants, one of which shall be maintained in philosophy is the "defense in depth" (defense-in-depth). In other words, the NPP there are a lot of defense in depth to ensure the safety of humans and the environment. If an operating system failure, then there is still a backup system that will replace it. In general, a backup system in the form of an automated system is passive. In addition, each of the components used in the installation of a nuclear power plant has been designed to be safe at the time of failure, so that even if the components fail, the failure will not cause harm to humans and the environment.
In terms of human resources, personnel who operate nuclear power plants must meet very strict requirements, and must have a certificate as a reactor operator issued by Nuclear Energy Agency (BAPETEN). To obtain the certificate, they must follow the training and pass the exam. The certificate is valid for a certain period and after the validity period will be tested again.

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