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Rock special silencer muffler is used if the fluid flow is being diverted in the form of dry steam.

Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) or geothermal power plant has two main systems, namely: the system above the ground surface (surface system) and the system below the soil surface (subsurface system). storage baskets System above ground is known as Steamfield Above Ground System (SAGS). On the other hand, the system below ground level associated with gethermal reservoir itself. This reservoir supplies steam to the system above ground level.
Steam field facilities are part of Steamfield Above Ground System (SAGS). These facilities extend from the wellhead to the production of the turbine house and ending at the injection wells. The flow of this process I have described is quite clear in my previous article entitled "Overview of Geothermal Power Plant". In this paper I will introduce the facilities involved in the production process flow in a geothermal power plant.
Production wells is a major facility that served the steam flow from the reservoir toward the soil surface. Geothermal production wells typically have a depth of about 2000 to 2500 meters below the ground surface. The existing wells were drilled in the vertical direction and some are drilled with a particular direction and turn (directional well). Along the wellbore storage baskets enveloped by a kind of special steel pipe called casing. The casing is cemented storage baskets into rock formations beside using a special cement. For large wells (big holes), the diameter of the production casing typically 13-3 / 8 inch (read: three per depalan thirteen inch). Geothermal wells (Geothermal)
Wellhead is the equipment which consists of a series of valve (valve) which is located just above the soil surface where the hole is below. The series of valves at the wellhead comprising: a master valve, wing valve, service valve, and bleed valve.
Master valve function storage baskets for the closing or opening of the flow in the wellbore. Wing valve consists of 2 pieces of valve where the valve is used to regulate the flow through the turbine, while the latter one is also known as the by-pass valve is used to divert the flow to rock the silencer or muffler when needed. Service valve serves to regulate the entry openings logging equipment at the time of test wells (well test). Bleed valve is used to release the flow with a very small flow rate when the master valve in the fully closed condition. With the opening of the bleed valve then the formation of the accumulation of NCG (non-condensible gas) around the well head can be avoided. NCG becomes very dangerous when inhaled by humans.
In certain circumstances, the fluid flow through the turbine to be stopped for a while and by-pass valve should be activated to divert existing flows. If this flow is diverted storage baskets directly sprayed into the air it will cause tremendous noise and is capable of damaging storage baskets hearing. To reduce noise, then used silencers. Physical form of silencer is a large high tube that opens up. Due to the force of gravity, the vapor fraction of the fluid will evaporate into the top of the silencer while water fraction will fall to the bottom. Therefore, on the basis of silencers there are channels for water outlet which will further drain the water fraction to the thermal ponds or pond.
Rock special silencer muffler is used if the fluid flow is being diverted in the form of dry steam. Physical form of rock muffler that is a hole that is filled by the composition of rock fragments diverse. For example, using a rock muffler Kamojang field because fluid is dry steam production. Rock Muffler In Geothermal Field
Wellpad a restricted area on the surface of the land as a place to put some of the wellhead. Usually one wellpad of 3 to 5 wellhead, but it is possible for more than that. Wellpad In Field Kamojang
The main function of the pipe flow is a fluid flow (two-phase) from the wellhead to the separator, dry vapor stream from the separator to the turbine, the water flow separation results (brine) from the separator to the injection wells, and condensate drain water into injection wells. Thus, the pipe flowline consists of two phase flow, steam flow pipe, pipe brine flow, and pipe flow of condensate. Characteristic of the steam flow pipe is larger in diameter than the pipe flow because the specific volume of vapor is much greater than the specific volume of water or brine. Pipe Flow in Geothermal Field
Flowline generally enveloped by a special insulator. The main purpose of the use of insulators is to minimize heat loss (heat losses) that occur along the flowline Flowline especially on the stretch from

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