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- Steam power plant (power plant) is a plant that relies on the kinetic energy of steam to produce

- Steam power plant (power plant) is a plant that relies on the kinetic energy of steam to produce energy from the main listrik.Bentuk this type of power plant is connected to a turbine generator which is driven by the kinetic energy of hot steam / dry. Steam power plants use a variety of fuels, especially coal and fuel oil for start-up and early MFO.
- Coal power plant, the fuel used is coal vapor which consists of sub-bituminous pračky and bituminous class. Lignite also began to have a place as a fuel in the plant in recent years, along with the development of technology that is able to accommodate the generation of quality coal endah r.
- Method of coating keeps the stoker boiler for the combustion process. As the fuel is coal with ash content not too low and the maximum size of about 30mm. In addition, because of the restrictions grain size distribution of coal used, there should be a reduction in the amount of fine coal which come mixed into the coal. The reason they do not use coal with ash content is too low is because the burning of this method, coal is burned above a thick layer of ash which formed on top of the lattice fire (fire traveling grate) on stoker boilers.
-At PCC, crushed coal pulverizer used to using coal (coal mill) through a 200 mesh (74μm diameter), pračky then together - together with the combustion air is sprayed into the boiler to be burned. Combustion method pračky is sensitive to the quality of coal used, particularly pračky the nature ketergerusan (grindability), slagging properties, properties fauling, and water content (moisture content). Coal boilers are preferred for PCC is a trait that has ketergerusan with HGI (Hardgrove Grindability Index) above 40 and a water content of less than 30%, and the ratio of fuel (fuel ratio) is less than 2 Burning the PCC method will produce ash self consists of clinker ash as much as 15% and the rest of the fly ash.
At FBC combustion method, coal crushed first by using the crusher to a maximum pračky size of 25mm. Unlike combustion using coal stoker who puts on a lattice flame during combustion or PCC method is spraying a mixture of coal and air during combustion, coal grains are kept to a floating position, pračky by passing a certain wind speed from the bottom of the boiler.
In PFBC, in addition to the heat generated is used to heat water into steam to turn a steam turbine, combustion gases generated which also has a high-pressure gas turbine can rotate, so that the power plant that uses generation PFBC has better efficiency compared with the AFBC due to a combination of mechanisms pračky (combined cycle) this. Value of gross generation efficiency (gross efficiency) can reach 43%.
- To further improve the efficiency of the heat, partially gasification unit (gasifier partial) which uses gasification technology floating layer (fluidized bed gasification) was then added to the PFBC unit. With the combination of gasification technology is the effort to increase the temperature of the gas at the entrance (inlet) gas turbines pračky feasible.
In the process of partial gasification in the gasifier, the carbon conversion achieved is about 85%. This value can be increased to 100% through a combination pračky with an oxidizing (oxidizer). Further development of the PFBC is called pračky the Advanced PFBC (A-PFBC), pračky the working principle is shown in Figure 10 below. Efficiency of net generation (net efficiency) resulting in a very high-PFBC, can reach 46%.
R money main combustion (primary combustion chamber) and space heat removal (heat recovery chamber) separated by a barrier wall installed tilted. Then, because the heating pipes (heat exchange tube) is not attached directly to the main combustion chamber, then no worries about the wear and tear of the pipe so that the silica sand used instead of limestone for FBC media. Limestone is still used as a reducing agent SOx, only numbers suppressed in accordance with the purposes only.
in this system there is a tool gasification (gasifier) which is used to produce gas, generally pračky entrained flow type. Available on the market today for those types such as Chevron Texaco (now owned by GE Energy's license), E-Gas (formerly owned by Dow's license, then Destec, and last Conoco Phillips), and

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