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The amount of coal consumption would also determine the cost of construction of the plant. The pric

Steam power plant (power plant) is a plant that relies on the kinetic energy of the steam to generate electricity. The main form of this type of power plant is connected to a turbine generator zdt which is driven by the kinetic energy of hot steam / dry. Steam power plants use a variety of fuels, especially coal and fuel oil for start-up and early MFO.
Steam Power is a generation that relies on kinetic energy of steam to produce electricity. The main forms of this type of power plant is a generator connected to the turbine to rotate the turbine which required the kinetic energy of hot steam or dry. Steam power plants zdt use a variety of fuels, especially coal and fuel oil as well as the MFO to start early. zdt Steam Power Plant
The first power plant to operate in Indonesia, in 1962 with a capacity zdt of 25 MW, 500 C temperature, pressure 65 kg / cm 2, the boiler still use ordinary pipe and generator cooling is done by air. Progress on the first power plant is already equipped boiler pipe wall and the cooling is done with a hydrogen generator, but its capacity is 25 MW. When the enhanced power of 100-200 MW, the boiler must be equipped super hiter, ekonomizer and furnace pressure. Then turbine can do reheat and dual stream and still use a hydrogen generator cooling. It's just for a capacity of 200 MW steam pressure zdt has produced 131.5 kg / cm 2 and a temperature of 540 C and still use fuel oil.
When capacity zdt has reached 400 MW power plant, the fuel is no longer using oil instead of coal. Coal is used broadly divided into two parts, namely a high-quality coal and low-quality coal. When coal is used good quality it will produce very little harmful elements, so it is not so pollute the environment. Coal is being used when the quality zdt is low then it will generate zdt a lot of harmful elements such as sulfur, nitrogen zdt and sodium. Moreover, when the combustion is not perfect, it would have resulted with toxic elements such as CO, consequently zdt to be low power. Coal power plant scheme
Coal power plant in Indonesia, which was first built in the 1984 Suryalaya with an installed capacity of 4 x 400 MW. Then Bukit Asam power plant with a capacity of 2 x 65 MW in 1987 and in 1993-an operation anyway Paiton 1 and 2 each with a capacity of 400 MW. Then Suryalaya power plant will be developed from units 5-7 with a capacity of 600 MW / unit. Coal power plant in 1994, its capacity has reached 2,130 MW (16% of the total installed power). In 2003 an estimated capacity of about 12,100 zdt MW (37%), in 2008-09 to reach 24 570 MW (48%) and in 2020 about 46,000 MW. While the use of coal in 1995 noted that to produce 17.3 TWh of electrical energy needed sebsar coal as much as 7.5 million tons. And in 2005 the use of coal is estimated at 45.2 million tons with an electric energy that is generated to reach 104 TWh.
The amount of coal consumption would also determine the cost of construction of the plant. The price of coal itself is determined by the heat value (Kcal / Kg), meaning that if the value of the heat remains, the price will drop 1% per year. Medium heat value is determined by the SOx substances toxic substance, zdt so the plant should be equipped vacuum SOx. This is why the cost of coal power plants up to 20% higher than the petroleum plant. zdt When coal is used low-SOx content of the plants do not need it fitted by vacuum SOx thus the price of coal power plant could be cheaper. The advantages of this generator is less expensive zdt fuel than oil reserves and is available in large quantities and spread all over Indonesia. Coal
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