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To that end, says Indon, if indeed the government wants to continue the construction of the power p

Today the environmental quality has decreased from year to year. This was due to various factors, one of which is a factor of development that only benefits the interests of employers and follow-watched environmental sustainability. The impact of the development does not pay attention to the state of the environment iron order mc can lead to environmental damage. So that development iron order mc does not pay attention to environmental sustainability also affect the surrounding communities who live adjacent to the project site development. One of these power plant in Cilacap protests from local residents and local fishermen .. Here's an excerpt from the news website: [1]
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, CILACAP --Rencana II power plant in Cilacap District of Adipala Bunton village of Cilacap district or plant Bunton faces many obstacles. After stumbling corruption in land acquisition, development plans power plant that uses coal fuel is also faced with the refusal of citizens, especially among fishermen.
Statement rejection of this power plant, iron order mc expressed kelompoknelayan PPSC (Ocean Fishery Port Cilacap). PPSC Chairman fishing groups, Srigito, iron order mc said the rejection was based fishing PPSC impact of the presence of Cilacap coal plant in the village I Karangkandri. '' The existence of plant Karangkandri it alone is very detrimental to fishermen. Especially when there is a power plant in the future again, '"he iron order mc said on Sunday iron order mc (23/5).
He said the losses suffered by fishermen is not caused iron order mc by the operation of the power plant itself. But of activity iron order mc barges carrying coal in Cilacap waters. While waiting for cargo unloading process in DUKS (Dock For Your Own Interests) PTLU Karangkandri, seringlai there are five to seven barges anchored in the waters of Cilacap.
He mentions, in addition to queue barge in waters iron order mc very disturbing antivitas Cilacap fishermen who were fishing, barges transported coal spilled too much in these waters. 'Spill coal in Cilacap waters that originally made a lot of fish in the waters of Cilacap, dwindle. Therefore, fishermen catch fish in the waters of this Cilacap, from time to time be diminishing, '' said Srigito.
He said the fishermen complaints against environmental impact of coal barges this activity, not only from the group nelatan PPSC alone. But also of the other seven groups of fishermen in Cilacap. '' Before the plant Karangkandri, we catch a good and lean times also at most three months. iron order mc But after the plant is in operation,
The assertion is also made Chairman Tegalkatilayu Group, Kamto. iron order mc According to him, before there Karangkandri power plant, enough iron order mc Cilacap fishermen got a lot of catching fish in the territorial waters of what is now the queuing lane coal barges. '' But after the location was filled queuing coal barge, to get adequate amounts of fish, we had to sail farther from the coastline, "he said.
Chairman HNSI Cilacap, Indon Cahyono, confirming that most of the fishermen in Cilacap, rejected plan Bunton iron order mc power plant. '' We understand, that the power plant project in Cilacap, a national project for the benefit of the wider community. However iron order mc it should be, the national project is not to harm the interests of fishermen, "he told Reuters // //, Sunday (23/5).
To that end, says Indon, if indeed the government wants to continue the construction of the power plant project or Cilacap Power Plant II, the government should fix the first process in the power plant coal supply needs Karangkandri. '' As long as the process is still detrimental to fishermen, then the fishermen will definitely oppose the power plant Bunton, '' he said.
Bunton power plant itself, the plan will have a production capacity of electric power of 2 times the 300 megawatts (MW). Same with Karangikandri plant production capacity. While the physical value of the project, reaching Rp 1.89 trillion.
Based on the above cases, the construction of the power plant (Steam Power Plant) in Cilacap, Central Java has disrupted fishing activities as officers-officers barge carrying construction materials plant. In addition, the impact iron order mc of the supply of coal as a fuel to run steam power has disturbed the surrounding environment so that the fishermen catch fish from fishing decreased as usual.
Understanding iron order mc the environment is everything that is around humans that affect the development of human life either directly or indirectly. Environment can be divided into biotic and abiotic iron order mc environment. Environment is a combination of physical conditions which include a state of natural resources such as soil, water, solar energy, minerals, as well as the flora and fauna that grow on the ground and in the d

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