Thursday, October 9, 2014

While the number of performance parameters are as follows: Simplified Gros Eficiency Boiler (Boiler

Performance of the generating unit is the unit of work performance washers and dryers / engine reflecting quantity (ability and effesiensi). Particularly in relation washers and dryers to the maintenance Prediktive, expressed in effesiensi performance or other parameters that indicate the ability of energy utilization. Therefore, by knowing this performance we can assess whether a unit / machine in good working condition or not, both technically and economically. So erdasarkan symptoms caused can be predicted when it should be done as preventive measures.
The method washers and dryers of monitoring washers and dryers the performance of the power plant is to simplifield procedure, ie both the data collection and calculation parameters are done with penyederhanaanagar obtain results quickly and easily, although not as accurate at the time of commissioning washers and dryers tests.
However, the results obtained can still be justified, because the main purpose of the measurements was to scrutinize the performance of this tendency (trend) were compared from time to time. While the frequency of monitoring and calculation of performance parameters is done once a month on the same load.
Figures plant performance parameters washers and dryers for maintenance purposes prediktive observed is preferred to the main equipment washers and dryers that has a major influence on the quality of heat utilization. These tools are include: Turbine Boiler Feed Water Heater Condenser Water Heater
While the number of performance parameters are as follows: Simplified Gros Eficiency Boiler (Boiler effesiensi). Simplified Gros ratr heat turbine (turbine washers and dryers heat rate). Simplified Gross Specific washers and dryers Fuel Consumption (SFC). Terminal Temperature Difference on the condenser and Feedwater Heater. Simplified Gas Side effesiensi Water heater (gas side Pressure Drop). Water Leakage Water Heater (air leakage Water Heater)
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