Thursday, October 23, 2014

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New customers are all companies who have no mission in the last 3 months. The program may have up to 100 kg, will be picked up on the same day and delivery is free in 24 European countries. Because it was now already discussed often, a consignment from D to D is not possible. The CH is not among the 24 countries of Europe concerned.
26 funkypunk1985 on October 9, at 9:07 clock
IF YOU OUR SERVICES IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS NOT CLAIMED HAVE TEST FOR TNT: a free program of up to 100 kg (actual and / or dimensional weight) based on our excellent Economy Express service. You can instruct your free broadcast from September 29 to December 5, 2014. You can send from your country in one of 24 European countries of destination. Valid target countries are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, UK. The following areas / islands are excluded from the offer: Biisingen (GB), Helgoland (DE), Åland (FI), French Guiana (FR), Guadeloupe (FR), Martinique, Reunion (FR), Autonomous Monastic Republic of Athos ( GR), Campione d'Italia (IT), Livigno (IT), Lake Lugano (Italian waters-IT flip fold / CH), Canary Islands (ES), Ceuta (ES), Melilla (ES), Balearic Islands (ES), Gibraltar (UK ), Isle of Man (UK) Jersey (UK) in Guernsey, including Alderney, Herm and Sark (UK), Azores & Madeira flip fold (PT), San Marino (IT), Andorra, Vatican City (IT), Faroe Islands ( DK), Greenland (DK). Dangerous goods are excluded from the offer. Transport insurance is not covered by TNT. Moreover, so far as is not otherwise so fixed, the terms and conditions of TNT, which can be found under apply. You will receive an invoice for this shipment. We provide customs duties only then charged, should flip fold there be any. You are already a customer of TNT? In this case, we invite flip fold you to participate in our services for existing customers. Quote
Is a great deal if the package is not lost or damaged. If it is lost, it is the worst deal to make you even can. Quote: Transport insurance is not covered by TNT. At 100 kg, the product is worth something, no matter what it is. Especially the professional trader who then actually to send the goods, look quite stupid if the package is aufmal away. So I would definitely enjoy with caution. If the package heal Arrives SUPER deal. If it is lost, bad deal! Also do not understand why TNT has left the insurance EXTRA out. Quote
Up to 100kg is awesome! since all who have not participated in the Nutella Deals can send themselves ^^ 1 x time into Ireland Whiskey stock please ^^ I had thought of Nutella flip fold too. In Europe, these things are expensive. Because you can sell in bulk on ebay or Haribos. Simply 90kg load up to 500 gravy train. Quote
0 charlie_francis_harper on October 9, at 9:53 clock
with local Deals Today Week Month All 256 2 issues fish & fishing free 159 free ticket (day ticket) for the exhibition "VISION" in Stuttgart flip fold (4th-6th November) + VVS ticket -26 6x Welt am Sonntag free ( Xing) Hot -62 500x 6 months FOCUS digital free -88 [Penny] Back again: 5 wk. long order Lucky Strike Red Straight (MONEY BACK-ACTION) More Newsletter

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