Friday, November 14, 2014

Actual articles 12 December 2014 - UNPLUGGED for joy Makam on new material ... Atten

"His life can not imagine without vocal cords and hair straighteners," surprised wall mounted ironing board Miro Fun in the Morning radio show, which was a guest. "I use this device and saves me a lot of work, because when I get up in the morning, so I look like a chicken after using irons look like a modified chicken," he explained with a laugh Šmajda wall mounted ironing board that your companion to iron swear by. "My hair is also half-wave. But it depends on whether they can dry up in the evening or go to sleep with wet hair. Sometimes after waking up straight and sometimes very curly," says superstaristi, which is about his perfectly wall mounted ironing board styled hair that is more than some women. Although they look Mirove hair often disheveled and unprepared, such as styling is lots of work. "Even the wildest hair is very carefully prepared," said Miro. He revealed the tip as her hair adjusted. "It's such a special technique. Cornering them painted over and then sealed. Sealed their iron either, wall mounted ironing board but when they want to have curly, so they sealed a curling iron," wall mounted ironing board explained Banášová Miro, who came to practice all alone. "Yes, I have found myself, when I was bored in the hotel even during the semi-final," laughed Šmajda wall mounted ironing board which Adela and Saif listened with admiration. Even if Miro did not catch on as a singer, he could do, for example, advertising Somehow Barber, or can directly plunge into starting their own beauty salon.
Actual articles 12 December 2014 - UNPLUGGED for joy Makam on new material ... Attention change !! We invite all to Trencin wall mounted ironing board !!! \ M / December 20, 2014 - Horkyze wall mounted ironing board Slize &
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