Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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This article is intended for girls who have straight hair and want to have beautiful curly / wavy first which would like to start is the classic way of shooting laundry bags and hair curlers are, in drugstores can get in different sizes for larger or smaller ripples. ......................................... I shall continue Kulm. In shops, there are now really enough so you can just choose the right ................................... ....... Further in fashion laundry bags are so sweet wrapper. papillote may not bať such a kvetinkou at the end (see. photo) or without the enjoyment of the easier ones to kvetinkou because there is only one end of the "plug in" and those without have to bind particular, these "sweet wrapper" I do not know their names are not as "Strunk" and give over too I do not know what to call such a hook :) But The iron can make nice waves can be purchased and special irons but this is a mere do :) It certainly is not all, for example, the night you can get mixed Wet hair vrckočiky it's laundry bags simple and nice .. Question for you have straight hair? To them have curly or What is your experience with curling hair :)
I have straight vlasy.Nemám no ripples or tak.A too often, then, I'm not vlnky.Samozřejmě.Už several laundry bags times dělala.A use to be my only of the earlier ordinary iron in going to change the extension to large waves, laundry bags small ripples, straight hair, etc ... or my mom will make the evening pigtails (because I do not know how it is) and this morning I had a great vlnité.Ale bad hair wrinkling, give them more of a gripper, etc.:)
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