Friday, November 21, 2014

Certainly not, personally I

Ironing hair is full ordinary gizmo that 50% of people used to flatten the hair ... Well, however it also has advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: 1) And just ironed laundry equipment hair 2) is a good thing, helping each celebrities and people., ,, Disadvantages: 1) destroys the hair so that the next day the hair Zamastil 2) destroys the hair roots No ironing is a good thing but sometimes not even so much that can damage hair ... Eg: If you are going to iron them dry .. It is best poztiekať Neak good hair products ,,,, But this ironing Vlaskov kaderrník Igor Novosad says:
Certainly not, personally I'm a big fan of ironing hair. Warmly welcomes the fact that today is no longer laundry equipment the hair iron only Do not iron, but it creates a wave and a variety of other shapes. When the hair straightener is used as is to never destroy your hair.
If you iron your hair amateur, for example, that a source previously nerozčešete, or you use an iron to very dry hair, chances are that you will damage them. Sparked them warm break. But I do not see it as a tragedy, because I believe that each of you who straightener buy, very quickly get into how to use it properly. The basis of the movement from top to bottom.
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