Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fig.1 - drying heater ironing boards. The actual ironing board, I put on a stone and joined her thr

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Every time I touch a steam iron, so to say that it is a small miracle. Not so much because it makes ironing steaming enough, but because this small device to meet the three elements that really does not need much: 1. Electricity 2. High temperature 3. Water, hence the steam All three elements that work, however, together and help the man. So in my case, my irons Because it is in our very hard water, until I sometimes fear that spilled from the tap water instead of sand, so everything zanker was pretty clogged. A mainly iron, because hard water and high temperature, it is a paradise for the formation of scale. So I got the brilliant idea to descale the iron, thus cleaned it from the stone. For washing machines and kettles have a good experience with citric acid and so I used the time well to iron instead of the customary vinegar because when the evaporation enough stinks. Oh, how naive I was! I thought that the acid solution prokapat steam generator cool, cleans zanker ducts own generator and still manages to smell good at it. The reality was somewhat different odorants are actually created, but the smell of it certainly was not. Rather, I've been waiting here when they hit URNA and grab me by the production of chemical weapons. Vapor, mist, or rather smell horrible smell and suspicious brown substance leaking from holes ironing board told me that it was not the best idea. Now on it was just about stopping development stench of iron and rescue. So I poured acid into the trash, it's a food acid, so that environmentalists do not have to freak out and poured vinegar into the tray. The fragrant vinegar partially zanker Prokapalo and then I had no other choice than to dismantle zanker the iron sign, not of atoms and thoroughly clean it. That's what I did so that very soleplate I dipped into soapy water and let it overnight. Several times I had to have it flushed, cleaned constantly flowing brown mass and then thoroughly dried. The result of a two day study was that of the chambers of the steam generator flowed only pure water. Finally. Then the iron was left to build back again. Because it was a long time immersed zanker in water, so I was worried about how it turned out heater and if iron instead of repairing zanker it becomes a source zanker of spare parts, but meter isolation, I found that the insulation resistance is very good, about 2 MW, and so I started the remounting.
Fig.1 - drying heater ironing boards. The actual ironing board, I put on a stone and joined her through a regulator to power. I chose the voltage such that the board worked for about 120W, because she worked without a thermostat. Performance I measured with a meter consumption People weary "Lidlmetr" though mine is from Tipa. I believe that my good measure, because I verified on resistive load. In the case of phase control or inductive loads have to trust him. The temperature of the slab at this power about 150 C and it was just right. In this mode, the entire zanker assembly I left for several hours. Although the regulator menacingly buzzed, but worked zanker well all the time. Note that although the soleplate attached temporarily using laboratory strings, and has connected conductor PE to maintain its protective function in the event of an extraordinary, especially puncture zanker body. We do not have as strong a transformer. If you choose this method of drying the plate, so remember to health and safety training and especially for any examination pursuant zanker to Decree 50/1978. or decree 100/1995 Sb. as amended. Also remember that even if you use a transformer, which I highly recommend, so the circuit contains dangerous voltage capable, when two-point touch, send a man to the next world. A few hours later I left the drying plate to cool and measure the insulation resistance of the body against the plate. Even at 1000 volts was almost undetectable, only when the mighty measuring instrument with a voltage 2500V with some resistance have measured, but so high that it was not worth it at all to deal with. In this tension rather began to show other phenomena, such as the Hornet around the inlets and the like. Now there were only iron again put together and believe that it will work again. So I went into it.

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