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For many years it was possible to fulfill the dream for all women with straight hair, waves and cur

For many years it was possible to fulfill the dream for all women with straight hair, waves and curls have conjured on their heads with the help of curlers and curling irons. Those that already have wavy or curly hair, could only dream of equal vain. Since the invention of irons for the hair but for them also opens up more possibilities, especially the possibility that even their hair was finally equal. ipso jure Hair curl and curly because hydrogenated molecules actually due to the moisture that is inside them. Hair straighteners help to release this moisture ipso jure and help cope hair. Of course, ipso jure the most common method of settling wavy hair every morning after washing, blow-dry your hair dry. It's simple, but it takes a long time, and unfortunately, the effect of straight hair will last a very short time. To make your hair stay straight until the evening, you can pretty much forget. ipso jure In particular, because the effect of straight hair will last a really long time, are now very popular ipso jure hair irons. They are praised and widely ipso jure used by several celebrities. Especially since using them very effectively settled all hair types, even thick, curly and unruly. And if the hair Can you press right, nice straight hair will last several days. To iron in your hands and become a professional instrument, we have a few tips on how to use it. Council before the Service: Hair must be dry, comb the hair thoroughly ipso jure and rid them of any styling iron is initially set to maximum, ipso jure after about 5 minutes to download the desired ipso jure temperature for fine / bleached hair iron always set the temperature lower, thicker hair, use a temperature higher Experience proper temperature setting on the strand of hair - but never at the top bangs Please comb the hair and capture them using staples or falsity ipso jure of column. Before using the iron, apply got2b straight on - Smoothing Spray for straight and smooth hair, whose composition retains moisture in the hair and thus offers protection ipso jure up to 200 C. When applying got2b follow straight on distance min. 20 cm because of the uniform dispersion. Procedure for Service: Separate thin lock of hair (max. Width of the heated surface iron), iron attach to the roots and pull the entire length ipso jure of the hair. do not forget to use got2b straight before ironing on each hair strand when ironing consider the natural growth of hair iron pull through your hair smoothly, do not stop moving - ironing a trickle ipso jure rather than 2 times once very slowly lock of hair hold always stretched, it will help you grip the tip of the second hand for soft contour the face of strands podtáčajte easily as if you were using a brush windy hair hair eventually correct using hair spray with shine got2b sparkling, emphasize individual ipso jure strands using styling gum got2b chaotic. When ironing the hair, always use products that protect your hair from excessive heat. - Straight on got2b includes special, ipso jure heat-resistant components that not only protect the hair up to 200 C, but the extremely fine form a protective layer that protects the hair against the adverse effects humidity. Therefore, your hair will last much longer beautiful flat. support for volume styling iron pull upwards towards the head hair perfectly nevyžehlíte unless you have perfect hair cut tops, which are often strained, requiring thoroughly, ipso jure pressed podtáčajte side portion toward the face to emphasize the progressive haircut What do you Rule? :) Do you have any tips jins? ;) Comments Radush x3 x3 = *
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This spray got2b mam, not bad, but I'd personally also recommended another ipso jure that I also myself try this: wella flat iron spray is more expensive but more effective ... for example. protects hair against re ripple humidity (with which at least here I always had a problem:-)) and also adds super shine;-) Otherwise, much good advice, driving with them:-)

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