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iron looks interesting, but I think most people are familiar with your hair, knows the temperature

This story began in the autumn of last year. I got an offer if you want to get tested his hair. Who would not want to learn something at home alone determines that? My hair in a test tube it went into the lab and after some time arrived results with a clever new irons from Braun. Why smart? This iron is to understand the quality selecline of your hair and it also adjusts selecline the temperature to minimize the risk of damage.
Results me very nicely surprised because I was expecting worse damage. Dvojka of four is not so bad, I think :) I waited zoomed hair under a microscope, which is man just does not happen.
Iron SENSOCAR has built-in sensors that read the temperature of the hair 20 times per second and detect the degree of moisture each spring for smoother and longer lasting hairstyle. Iron continually adjusts the temperature from root to tip, to avoid damaging the hair. Ironing selecline boards are ceramic and ensure easy glide irons.
After my period when I used another unnamed iron that was completely awful, was that of Braun as a balm for my hair. Of course I can not tell if my hair does not destroy (under the microscope them do not do), but they look pretty to look at all the time, so I think that is gentle. And most importantly, I like that after ironing lasts long straight hair, but I would have to paint a ton of products. Iron is smarter than all the irons I've had until now, because selecline the display shows you if you do not have wet hair (which would otherwise ironing of burning) and if the hair nepřejíždíte too quickly. From the beginning of me still frowning smiley because I ironed hair too fast, but I've learned it properly and laughing at me :) The controls are super simple and I also like that the power cord is rotatable and when you do iron waves so it will not get tangled up.
After turning around with you iron a little chat. Well, tell me, who else can this appliance? selecline :) Before first use upload data on their hair. Iron remembers up to three profiles, so you can borrow my sister or my need my mom.
With iron'm really happy and appreciate its smart features. Service is quick, easy and most importantly, I feel that it is seen that I really ironed hair. Which is not of any iron I can say :) Waves still more trying, I'm in this regard so skilled, how I wish, but perhaps someday Practise in a satisfactory form. Just more handy helpers such as Braun SENSOCAR! For me it's the best hair straightener I have ever had :) Have you heard about this news? What is your favorite hair straightener? :) PS: for providing iron to review thank Procter & Gamble
iron looks interesting, but I think most people are familiar with your hair, knows the temperature at which iron and the iron is not the best every day. But I understand that the market demands for news :) I wonder how it goes waves. My Small Reply Happinesses Clear
Peter K: I would just say that most people do not know what temperature you have ironed hair and it just sometimes need to release the highest in the domain that it is best :) Here is nice that this one does not deal with and solve it iron :) But of course I agree that iron every day is not good for hair :) Reply Delete
I use an iron twice a year, so that was important to me when choosing a look: D I Etu, black and pink with white puntíčkama and ironing of the lowest temperature because it is not so much and I do not need to unnecessarily burning hair Reply Clear
I would iron comes as unnecessary. Why spend such a large amount when they are of higher quality irons for third of the price. I use irons always at the lowest temperature and I do not think I would be surprised by this iron something and was so much better than mine I have. In addition, the brand distrust. Rather I buy a proven brand. Just come on the market with an additional "cowshed" to attract people and a lot of people to them, unfortunately we fall and run to buy iron .. Reply Delete
I have therefore completely obyč. iron and I'm happy, I think that investing in těchdle comforts me would probably not pay off ... I prefer it to invest in quality hair care ...;). Reply Clear
I have since about November iron from Remington, and keratin version, and I am very happy with it. this function selecline that adjusts the temperature itself by the quality of hair, also, but I do not use it in any way :) Reply Delete selecline
Iron intrigued me, but she swear at Rowenta. :) Otherwise, iron and sometimes just creating waves (I do not know how I learned it, but beautifully me then holds up to two days), perfectly straight hair does not suit me. :) Reply Miraculous Style Clear
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