Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Tower of London

The French pull out shelves traveler Burnouf arrives in 1886 in Piraeus. From Palataki King George pull out shelves until Castella is a route that will impress pull out shelves foreign visitors, which makes daily. Later returning to his homeland, writes an article published in "La Grece en 1886": "Piraeus is located six kilometers from Athens ... the broad streets, elegant houses, which now cover the hills of Faliro and Kastella ... has gardens, spacious squares, a nice walk along the coastal line around the hills, not less than Pafsilipo Naples ... ".
P. rokeitai ie a parallel with the Piraeus area completely successful. Hill, seaside from which one sees the bay of Mikrolimano and next dominates Castella as in gametes that dominates the Castella.
In town gametes Bay Neapolos Italy the sun goes down to going down the horizon passes or better hiding pull out shelves behind the hill Pafsilipo. This is a relatively high hill in passing a road on the edge of which lies within the cave grave Ourgiliou, hero of the Aeneid.
Pandora Magazine April 1863 - 1864 (street name origin Pafsilipo) D imiourgithike from Nick. Dragoumi, Kon. Paparrigopoulos and Rangavis. Through this readers mentally traveling in foreign countries, learned about the Indians in America, pull out shelves about history, about the geography, literature. Makes his readers to die by war, disease and poverty after they traveled breathtaking pull out shelves landscapes pull out shelves carefully avoid any reference to political problems and timeliness.
The Burnouf was in Greece in 1868-1869 as an archaeologist in the French Archaeological School if I remember correctly. Not as a tourist and not in 1886. Unless he came back then. The text (I was book) however is titled La Grèce en 1869 .. 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2014 - 6:04 pm
Personally I have said earlier that I am opposed to renaming streets, squares pull out shelves and Locality Names generally, that in the end ...
The Tower of London "Marble Arc Tower" In 1966 a skyscraper of 82 meters rises newly constructed, Street Bryans pull out shelves ...
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