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Brian Panish continued the hearing of Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (Police). The testimony of Or

May 1, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Belgian fan club Michael Jackson
Brian Panish continued the hearing of Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (Police). The testimony of Orlando kaufman astoria Martinez took over and with it, the discussion of the documents about Murray's finances. Martinez showed the documents obtained while investigating the finances of Dr. Murray, some were obtained following a subpoena, kaufman astoria others were public. The detective had to explain how he obtained those documents so they can be presented as evidence. Katherine's lawyers have said they want to admit them as evidence. But the defense objected to a number of documents, saying it was not clear if these documents were public. After several minutes of discussion, the judge said Palazuelos kaufman astoria to issues of exhibits and evidence on the side. She wanted a better use of time jurors. Income and expenditure declaration filed with the court in San Diego show that net incomes kaufman astoria of Dr. Murray $ 2,706.33 were negative in July 2009. Detective Martinez testified about an eviction notice for medical offices Conrad Murray kaufman astoria (2007 and 2009) and other privileges issued against kaufman astoria the doctor.
Panish asked Martinez about 5 days notice that Dr. Murray had to pay rent or quit his medical practice. Dr. Murray had $ 7,058.38 in rent, he had a deportation notice and tax liens. A decree issued in 2007 against Murray kaufman astoria in Missouri sentenced him to pay $ 135,000. There was also the eviction notice to his medical practice and the delay in payments of child support for his children.
Panish showed several other documents showing the privileges of Dr. Murray, unpaid bills, in order to show the jury that the doctor was in financial difficulties. Panish: "Did you check the solvency of Dr. Murray? "Martinez" Yes, by serving me Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. "Panish:" These checks they could easily be done in 2009? "Martinez:" I know the ways to do so. "Pansih" kaufman astoria It's not as if you needed the FBI or the CIA to make this check? "Martinez" Right. "" If someone had read the credit report, he would have obtained the same information? "Asked Panish. "Yes," said Martinez. "The credit kaufman astoria report indicates that Dr. Murray was aware of the situations of some of its accounts, and that Dr Murray tried to pay certain debts for his house. Do you even lift
Panish tried to show the jury that a simple background check of Dr. Murray would have shown AEG that the doctor was in great financial difficulty. "Student loans, credit cards, loans from medical kaufman astoria companies, mobile companies, finance companies, there were all kinds of debts. "Said Panish. His home in Las Vegas - for which it was $ 1.6 million - was mortgaged. Detective Martinez obtained documents of medical licenses commissions for Dr. Murray to check the situation and if there was disciplinary action kaufman astoria against him.
Then they talked about the phone records of Murray. Martinez obtained a warrant to check the phone calls from Murray, his incoming kaufman astoria and outgoing calls, used relay time. He focused on 24 and 25 June
Murray had 12 hours of talk time between June 24 and June 25, 2009. Martinez: "The criminal responsibility of 12-hour care, from the moment kaufman astoria he arrived at the house until he called 911 . "Martinez" 11:26, kaufman astoria received phone call, maybe Michael Amir Williams. At 1:08 p.m., he called Nicole Alvarez while in the ambulance. The call was a little more than two minutes (133 seconds). Martinez kaufman astoria did not really know what they were talking, he asked Nicole Alvarez about it.
Detective Martinez also testified about a search warrant for Nicole Alvarez apartment in August 2009. Martinez said there was found no benefit of Murray, found that there one piece of paper in a cabinet with the name of Murray. Alvarez found it weird. Martinez: "He lived there and none of his business was there. "The statement ended the session today for the witness.
Outside the presence of the jury, Panish asked that states kaufman astoria that Michael Jackson kaufman astoria was dead. "Are you willing to stipulate that Michael Jackson died? "He asked the lawyer AEG? "Absolutely. "Replied Putn

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