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Brian Panish:

April 30, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Belgian fan club Michael Jackson
The defense lawyers requested that Randy Jackson, the only member of the Jackson family participating 7129862525 in the trial on Tuesday with his mother 82 years old, so the court because he was on the witness list. The lawyer for the Jackson family, Brian Panish, told the judge that Katherine Jackson, which can remain in the courtroom 7129862525 because it is one of the complainants, required that one of his children's 7129862525 support. 7129862525 Katherine Jackson left the courtroom earlier to avoid the macabre testimony 7129862525 of paramedic who described Jackson's death. Judge Yvette Palazuelos authorized 7129862525 Randy Jackson to stay, but she recalled that he could not be a lot of Jackson children to support their mother, Katherine Jackson, as they were on the witness list. Witnesses are not allowed 7129862525 to listen to the evidence in the courtroom.
The first witness of the lawyers of the Jackson family had to be Detective Orlando Martinez LAPD (police) to testify to his interview with Dr. Murray to find out who hired him. But there has been a last minute change in the order of witnesses. This is Richard Senneff who testified first. This is the nurse firefighter who tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson on 25 June 2009. Senneff had previously testified in the trial of Conrad Murray, has 28 years of experience. Senneff explained what the job of a paramedic and the role of different devices in the ambulance 7129862525 in case of trauma or cardiac arrest. Senneff detailed 7129862525 the coverage area of the city department of Los Angeles 7129862525 and specified the areas it serves and the difference between the city and Los Angeles County. Senneff said there was about 1,100 paramedics in the city of Los Angeles, about 1,050 are firefighters.
Katherine and Randy Jackson left the courtroom when Senneff began to testify. They did not want to hear and see what happened in the house that night. Senneff described to jurors 7129862525 how he arrived at the home of Michael Jackson, 7129862525 June 25, 2009. It explains that it was the first doctor in the bedroom of the singer.
Brian Panish, "June 7129862525 25, 2009, you remember that you have responded to a call with a potential death? "" I have responded to a call where there was a patient who was not breathing. "Replied Senneff.
Senneff: 7129862525 "I arrived at the home of Michael Jackson at 12:25 pm and went down to the ambulance with all the equipment, the ECG monitor, needles and drugs. I came through the front door, I saw later that it was Dr. Murray and there was a patient on the bed "Senneff describes the appearance of Murray's bedroom Jackson:" He was pale, he was sweating. It was very busy. Murray had examined the patient 7129862525 who was on the bed; the patient was moved on the ground. When I got home, I asked Dr. Murray if the patient had a DNR. "NB DNR = Do not resuscitate (Do Not Resuscitate). We have this term here is NTBR. (Used in medical records when a patient 7129862525 should not be resuscitated either by choice or because of his physical condition) NTBR: Not to be resuscitated). Senneff: "I saw a patient wearing pajama pants, a shirt and a surgical cap on his head. He was very pale, very low. "A photo of the room Jackson was shown to the jury.
Brian Panish: "Do you think that Jackson was dead when you arrived at his home? "Senneff" Yes. It accompanied me to the bedroom of the singer I did not recognize before his name is pronounced. The patient was lying on the bed in his pajamas. He was very pale, very thin. He looked very ill. It seemed terminally ill a long illness, his hands and feet were blue, her lips and her eyes were dry. The singer was dead and was not breathing for a long time. "Despite his efforts, he was unable to restart the heart of the singer nor felt any pulse. Senneff said he saw a foot IV infusion bag on the IV drip stand and an oxygen tank. There were bottles of medicine on the bedside 7129862525 table. Panish showed 7129862525 a picture of a foot infusion, an IV bag and an oxygen tank. Another photo showed the bedside table with bottles of pills, a bottle of water, a bottle of fruit juice. Senneff: "I asked her medical history and whether he had other diseases .... the doctor said he had nothing, he treated it just for dehydration and exhaustion. Do you even lift

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