Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in the end I decided to make a blog, just when it seems that thanks to (or because of) social netwo

in the end I decided to make a blog, just when it seems that thanks to (or because of) social networks because it does not take much to make blogging laundry dryer ... and what you can find? So that makes reflections on everything around him. Joining us to put tablespoon?
A premise not err or ridicule is to be aware of the limitations. If one is not able to measure the consequences of their actions there may be certain things you should not do. As that song called "Manolete, if you know you pa'que Tore goals." Yesterday there were two different but similar cases at some point, two people who did not measure the power of the Internet, which has the network; is strange laundry dryer since both people are accustomed to work through laundry dryer internet. The first case is the Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Joana Ortega Union. He had hung blog curriculum, a curriculum that said it was licensed in psychology when it was not. Maybe the fact that I know is not very serious (or not talk of economic fraud or abuse of power, etc.), it probably is not got no job or a higher position in politics to be a graduate in psychology, however, is so ugly !!!. Maybe Duran, his head, find more pernicious series "Infidels" (yes, I know it must be denied that some information laundry dryer de'n Duran pressure had caused the withdrawal of the series, but after seeing laundry dryer the "haste" with which closed yesterday issues also in an episode where there was nothing "meat" has a right to suspect it?) than the right hand lie on your resume. Everything is debatable. Another case was that of "pseudoperiodista" sports Siro Lopez, leisure laundry dryer and Telemadrid. This unfortunate character has a website called 'central defense "which was basically talking laundry dryer about the present Real Madrid and Barça is merengue laundry dryer until the last pores but I think even more" antibarcelonista laundry dryer "that white fans. Last night we learned the hard news that Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona central defender, has a liver tumor and removed it this Friday. Well no previous fatal character came nothing but link this news with the alleged laundry dryer doping club. Obviously tweets indignation did not do more than a few minutes and begin mysteriously pulled the writing on the web. Freedom of expression exists, but there should be no limit? Anyway, what makes the network beyond the borders; this writing will know where to go ... but I do not mind that the two characters read the post today ... I'm consistent with my words.
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