Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In some workouts I MONTFERRI- companion Edu. And I said stuff. And I found Ton, Lluis, the Marin ..

Even the Proinosa prepared with the highest degree washing machine repair of intensity in Sunday's final against washing machine repair Comes girl. A party that Juan Carlos needed to win to keep the options to access the Final Eight-European League this year. The game itself is quite attractive washing machine repair (transcendence, the fact of being a derby, the presence of former Igualada, referring to the last game to win lucky Comes of cavistes ...) to require washing machine repair them any more. But the reality is that it has a very special and. Sunday Igualada HC say thanks to an exceptional player, washing machine repair a real club man (22 years as a player), Sergi Montferri. At half time the game club, the players, the base, the fans will render a fitting tribute to a player who has already guaranteed a presence in the most important club history.
If I thought there MONTFERRI-. From the last game I played that time has passed washing machine repair ... Well. In fact if there because I'm Comes a team training base ... Now t'implica something like this excites a little. So many years playing on that track many times ... And if living. Some think. There are too many laps do not want to miss it so much.
MONTFERRI- shame that ended that way. in fact we played 3 games have had to tell them we deserved a better result and have extended the tie. But things went well. They were very good games ... but you lose feeling is bad.
MONTFERRI- whole life. For me it has been a second home. To say first. And most of the times I've gone there. I've been there, both sporting and personal. I have learned to be responsible, to be involved in what I do. Those four walls have been to me as a school of life.
MONTFERRI- Surely those 5 years we reached the end 5 (1 European Cup, two League washing machine repair Cups and 2). The team ended up losing but that did great things. I probably hurts the most is that in European Cup Coruña. washing machine repair We had to play the Cup and we escaped. This would be the biggest disappointment.
MONTFERRI- Si.si. From inside the track we had a very good feeling. In fact since we entered the dressing room before ... and when we went by bus to leave the hotel, saw the faces of the people washing machine repair and noticed that our series, washing machine repair the mentality, the illusion ... I was ours !. We played for the work we did that day that we had doing before. When, after playing as we play, you see that escapes you keep asking yourself: What happened ?. In 4 minutes washing machine repair we escaped. But I think it was ours. And so is the story.
P- "Montferri is an extraordinary player. Very technical, elegant, great physical presence has never looked limelight and has always worked for the team, often doing the dirty work." Would you agree with this definition.
MONTFERRI- is within a team is important to the team. The league team Gunay not say who has won the Cabestany or Sergi ... say 4 or 5 names that are forming washing machine repair the team. I think I'm in these players. I always drive imported equipment and companionship. IF there is a team in unity can do great things. In the Even we have shown. Then when you get older you is this. With colleagues who formed a team. My work within the group was always the same. Search the drive and made everyone feel.
In some workouts I MONTFERRI- companion Edu. And I said stuff. And I found Ton, Lluis, the Marin ... This year is a different team, renewed, you need a period of time ... But I have mounted the structure and only takes time. This season they are capable of better and worse. They lack a bit of balance. Changes also need some time for everyone to know what their role within the team.
P- The tribute coincides washing machine repair with a match between the two teams have played where, besides your native Capellades. The IHC and girl. But not just a play made friends

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