Thursday, December 25, 2014

Messrs very unfortunate. BTV, if you do not remember the Sant Andreu is the third team in the city,

Barris Besòs and Maresme El Clot El Camp de l'Arpa del Clot Diagonal Mar seafront and Poblenou Park and Laguna del Poblenou Poblenou Poblenou Provençals Sant Martí de Provençals Verneda and Peace The Olympic rentex Village in Poblenou
The four bars are seventh in the championship, but do not lose sight of the places that give access to dispute heats ascent actually have it available, just four points. The area of Sant Andreu Lleida not be asked to upload a template category, but which his coach, rentex Vicente Emilio, you are removing an extraordinary performance. Of the Mainland are the sixth and attention, have won the last four games played away from home.
DANI GUILLÉN, EU player St.Andreu "truth is that there are things that mejorar, bueno pero eso it is IMPORTANT that there is potential and capacity Mejor and certainly We have to reach them eight or ten últimos partidos with aspirations."
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what a pity thou case, because this is a video of a group of currencies Second rentex B, and thou not paint anything here entessos ??? So go cry to your video and equipet rentex deixe'ns us in peace. That still happens cooked rout of Mount Sunday, hahaha !!! How much shame and pain of escapulats and on a public television supossadament under the river and thank them for going on equipment such as St. Andrew higher category or higher level as the mountain. A very big zero BTV !!!
There already are. We always have to fuck the middle. Let's take the medication and peaceful Europe with hallucinations. Only you see ghosts everywhere .... TV, referees, other teams .... What a shame !!!
Messrs very unfortunate. BTV, if you do not remember the Sant Andreu is the third team in the city, being strict or the second team, and only 18 seconds rentex of news ??? When the Third Division of the equipet Europe devote rentex much space to us ??? A very big zero, a public television supossadament pagem together.
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