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Not yet finished faded incense spent praising the figure of Steve Jobs, on the occasion of his deat

The clay feet of the idol (dBalears, 13/02/2012) | Llorenç Valverde
Not yet finished faded incense spent praising the figure of Steve Jobs, on the occasion of his death, when the FBI has published reports g640 on the person who wrote root of his possible appointment a position in the Bush government. The argument for such publication is timely that time has passed legal to keep them secret past which have been published, g640 which has been used for most media have been echoed , emphasize that, according to these reports, Jobs had little scruples and had consumed drugs, which, incidentally, makes me the impression that, in any case, were open secret. I must confess that I find much more stir methodology that follows the American federal agency to prepare these reports: undergo a third candidate to the same degree, as well as family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and saluted. Of course it is practically impossible g640 to leave well stopped scrutiny as this, which can give an idea of the immense power that came to accumulate cappare this agency, J. Edgar Hoover, a biography this week film directed by Clint Eastwood. Everything recently advisable to opt for public office in those lands, though, all things considered, if there aplicàssim the same methodology, perhaps we would save more than a scare.
I missed this news in some reference to another incident in the life of Jobs also placed outside the law. In fact, he ended up in jail and the other Steve -Wozniak- because the police that hooked it took pity and let go. They were in a phone booth using a "blue box" -capsa blava- to call without paying. The manufacture of these boxes was a great stimulus for a handful of phreakers, hackers phone system, which learned a nest-mail this task and they use this knowledge to invent the first personal computers . So we have to be thankful, but it seems very appropriate to remember it. How much should not agree spread news of another day of the FBI report which claimed that, according to a scientific study, tend to be more creative when we are drunk or tired, which can add the last few weeks assured that we learn better in stressful conditions. In the end we will be forced to unlearn the advice we have received throughout our lives. If we've got to assimilate, of course.
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