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One of the cornerstones of the argument of the Jackson camp is a written email by Paul Gongaware co

An email highlighting the possible connection between the concert promoter steam generator AEG Live and the death of Michael Jackson was revealed this week when the judge unsealed documents in the trial against steam generator the company to the mother of Michael Jackson and his children.
The trial will begin next month in Los Angeles could shed new light on the last days of Mr. Jackson while Dr. Conrad Murray, who did not testify at his own trial for manslaughter, and Prince Jackson, 16 are on the list of potential witnesses. steam generator
In 2009, Mr. Jackson died two weeks before the first concert of his tour "This Is It" organized by AEG Live. Emails out to support such discussions show that the promoter was worried about missed rehearsals by the singer and her officials steam generator have sought help from Dr. Conrad Murray for him to do so that it is ready.
The judge ruled Wednesday that Jackson's lawyers have provided sufficient evidence that AEG Live had hired and supervised Murray to warrant a jury trial. It also held that there was no evidence against by to justify the claim that the AEG executives would directly have foreseen that Murray steam generator used dangerous drugs in his treatments to Michael Jackson.
"Now that the court found that there is evidence that it was foreseeable that the shares of AEG have caused the death of Michael Jackson, the Jackson family is bitter face the public smear campaign that was waged against them AEG "said Kevin Boyle, counsel for the Jackson camp. "The truth about what happened to Michael and AEG tried to keep hidden from the public since the day Michael died, finally appeared in the open. We look forward to the trial where the rest of the story will be revealed. "dropoff Window
One of the cornerstones of the argument of the Jackson camp is a written email by Paul Gongaware co-president of AEG Live 11 days before MJ's death on 25 June 2009. It is particularly question of repetitions was to make Mr. Jackson and the role of Dr. Conrad Murray. It would be written "We want to remind (Murray) it is AEG, not MJ, who pays his salary. We want to remind him what is expected of him. "According to lawyers Katherine Jackson, steam generator the email shows that AEG Live has used the fear of Murray losing his job as the personal physician of Michael Jackson (paid 150 000 per month) to put pressure on it so that the star is ready for rehearsals, despite his frail health.
Kenny Ortega, the director of the concerts, had warned the president of AEG, Randy Phillips, about the health of Jackson after he introduced himself shivering steam generator a little more rehearsal a week before death. steam generator Ortega asked that Jackson is the subject of a supported by a professional able to enlighten them.
Phillips had he responded by praising the qualities of Dr. Murray, "This doctor has a very successful (we check everyone) and does not need this concert so it is entirely impartial steam generator and ethical steam generator done."
In another email sent by the accounting tours AEG Live Timm Woolley to an insurance broker two days before Jackson's death, he says: "Randy Phillips and Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ rehearsals and its presence of timing. "
AEG Live says the contrary have no responsibility in the death of Michael steam generator Jackson because Murray was not his employee. steam generator Judge Y. Palazuelos for his part said that Jackson has known Murray before, when he was in Las Vegas for the treatment he and his children, does not relieve the responsibility of AEG Live for what happened thereafter, "although the fact may be relevant to determining steam generator the proportionate liability and damages."
While AEG Live lawyers argued that the company could not foresee that Murray would use dangerous drugs to Jackson in the preparation of the tour, Palazuelos said there was evidence that P. had previous Gongaware experiences with touring Jackson in which doctors have given "g operands quantities of drugs / substances". Before joining AEG Live, Gongaware worked as a tour manager for Jackson on the "Dangerous Tour" and the "History Tour". For the judge, so there is no doubt that the neck is Gongaware

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