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The revelations that the jury heard 58 witnesses over 83 days of testimony covering 21 weeks includ

My blog is primarily laundry bag a passion motivated by the desire to be recognized MICHAEL JACKSON as' man in unconventional musical talent but also as a human being in the heart that beat for love for humanity. The world has lost a friend, a fascinating man, deeply human and terribly abused, judged .. In his song "Cry" Michael said "take over for me," that's what I do.
"The plaintiffs want you determine if a concert promoter is responsible for Michael Jackson's overdose in his room at night, behind locked doors, June 25, 2009," said Putnam to the jurors. "A drug overdose administered to M . Jackson by her doctor long date- Dr. Murray. laundry bag - he saw for years, he did a doctor come to Los Angeles from Las Vegas "
The revelations that the jury heard 58 witnesses over 83 days of testimony covering 21 weeks included, offered laundry bag details of the consumption of drugs and Michael Jackson shopping for a doctor who gives him propofol, he thought it gave her sleep.
"It was close to half a billion dollars in debt," Putnam argued Wednesday. "The house of his mother was on the verge of foreclosure, we did not know it at the time. What do we know? That Mr. Jackson has spent decades purchases doctors gave him painkillers he wanted . Mr. Jackson made sure that we do not know that. "
Brian Panish, the main advocate of the mother of Jackson and his three children, conceded in his closing speech laundry bag on Tuesday that the singer could have a responsibility in his own death, but said that "this laundry bag is a shared responsibility about his death. "
Jackson laundry bag used prescription painkillers and was warned laundry bag that the use of propofol to sleep at home was risky, "but he never had a problem until Dr. Conrad Murray works for him and up that Conrad Murray has negotiated with AEG Live, "argued Panish.
The lawyer for AEG Live, Putnam, argued Wednesday that Jackson was taking full responsibility for his actions. "The sad truth is that the death of Mr. Jackson laundry bag was caused by his choice and that it may have the same, no matter whether laundry bag -. With or without AEG Live"
The lawyer for the Jackson family asked the jury to award the family between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion in damages for its share of responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson - to replace what he would have earned on tour if he had lived, and personal suffering the loss of a son and a father.
His lawyers say the company is responsible for her death because she neglected hiring, kept or supervised Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter in the death by overdose of propofol Jackson.

Murray treated Michael Jackson and his children for three years for minor illnesses while living in Las Vegas, before the singer returned to Los Angeles to prepare for his comeback "This Is It" tour. It was Jackson - not the AEG executives laundry bag - who chose Murray to be his full-time doctor for her tour, supporting the company's lawyers.
Paul Gongaware of AEG Live negotiated to pay Murray $ 150,000 a month, only because of the demand for Jackson. He wanted his doctor with him while he was conducting 50 concerts at the O2 Arena in London, they say.
Direct AEG executives tried to talk with Jackson on Choosing an American doctor with him on tour, suggesting that it could save money by using a doctor in London.
There was no need to check the background of Murray because he was approved, it was a successful doctor known Jackson. "All AEG Live knew that Dr. Murray was the doctor's longtime Mr. Jackson."
A key argument in the Jackson case is AEG Live was negligent in not ordering an audit of the financial laundry bag history of Murray, which would have revealed that he was in a dire financial situation and not successful. His desperation laundry bag to keep his lucrative job led Murray to violate his Hippocratic oath to do no harm with infusions of propofol dangerous laundry bag to allow Jackson to sleep every night for two months, argue lawyers for Jackson.
The AEG executives had no way of knowing whether insomnia Murray treated Jackson with propofol laundry bag in

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