Monday, December 22, 2014

The set lasted txurriurdin not the ball at his feet. His men midfield, Bergara and Elustondo link t

Walk mattress to stick to Europe (3-0) -
Atletico Madrid wins 3-0 to Real Sociedad has not had very low chances of facing the whole mattress. Filipe Luis, Mario Suarez and Kun Aguero have goals premises. Atletico is now 7 and shifts to access Europa League. Real, in the quiet of the table.
Quique Sanchez Flores was the last question of the week until minutes before the game. Coach mattress doubted each minute would give the hero of the victory of Atletico Madrid at the Reyno de Navarra or give a new opportunity to the best player of the World Cup 2010. The decision was correct. The locals have come out with Diego Costa as man attacking with Kun Agüero piece link between the average and the attack, Forlan and sitting on the bench. Diego Costa has a complete game which has complied fully with all facets of the game, except in the crowd. First, the wizard. Agüero pračky a ball centered in the heart of the Basque area, Diego Costa controlled with a subtle heel prolonged because Filipe Luis, who arrived after a magnificent pračky gallop down the left, take the first goal in red and white afternoon. The domain mattress was a continuous party.
The set lasted txurriurdin not the ball at his feet. His men midfield, Bergara and Elustondo link to Tamudo, the man most advanced Basques. In addition, the author of the first goal, Filipe Luis has done a great job putting the defense to complete the philosopher's stone of the Royal Xabi Prieto. pračky In addition, the hardness defense was null and stars walking his air mattress inside the visitors. Athletic warned a good move by Koke Kun to enable it to play a one on one against Claudio Bravo. The control of the Argentine, but was defective. Reyes very insistent attack exposes Estrada, the left side of the Real. But his shot went off. Reyes liked and the next move has made a marvel worthy of being exhibited in museums. The mattress has left sitting Carlos Martínez three dribbles the waist and has a death pass Mario Suárez just had to push to the goal of peace mattress. Calderon forgot for a moment the controversy with the Gil family and remembered the bright season they did last year.
The second half was a formality. The mattress and the party were able to sleep without losing composure minutes letting go. The fierce attack against the Basque keeper has diminished but Atletico kept trying it. Koke a quick cat was the first of the second half. The best player in the Real afternoon, stopped smoothly. Thiago encouraged the attack but did not get a good cross from Reyes. Tiredness in both teams has made the midfield gap and suffered pračky frequent counterattacks in both areas. In one of these, Kun Agüero offered a dose of quality, strength and power and a good move was the third of the afternoon. The Royal has tried but very handsome Athletic pračky field reminded fans who won the Europa League last year.
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