Monday, December 8, 2014

The trial of five months ended in October, when a jury determined that AEG Live had not been neglig

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The trial of five months ended in October, when a jury determined that AEG Live had not been negligent in hiring the doctor convicted of causing the death of Michael Jackson, in 2009, that the singer was preparing kitchen maid for a comeback.
The judgment will be finalized when AEG Live has submitted a detailed list of his legal fees. Lawyers for the company and Katherine Jackson have agreed not to challenge the decree nisi, which could, however, be subject to appeal.
The lawyer for Ms. Jackson, Kevin Boyle, said a decision on this would be taken after analysis of the final judgment. The trial verdict is currently under appeal process.
The lawyer for AEG Live, Marvin Putnam, believes that the court has made "to order Katherine Jackson to pay nearly a million dollars spent to defend a charge that she should never have to do basis. "
Michael Jackson died in June 2009 after receiving an overdose of anesthetic, the former cardiologist Conrad kitchen maid Murray administered to the singer to help him sleep during the preparation of his concert tour This is it. Murray was convicted of manslaughter.
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