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Then they continued the testimony wm3470hva of Orlando Martinez started yesterday. They continued t

May 2, 2013 AEG Live trial | MJBackstage - Fan Belgian club of Michael Jackson
Katherine and Rebbie Jackson were in court today. Jessica Stebbins, another wm3470hva lawyer for AEG Live, opposed to the presence of Rebbie Jackson that she was called as a witness. Yvette Palazuelos judge ordered that only one member of the Jackson family could accompany Katherine in the courtroom. wm3470hva AEG wanted it to be Randy accompanying every day. The judge ruled that Rebbie could stay. "I wm3470hva think Jackson should have at least one person to support her in the courtroom. Do you even lift
Then they continued the testimony wm3470hva of Orlando Martinez started yesterday. They continued to talk about the credit Conrad Murray and his financial situation. Detective Orlando Martinez showed the court that the doctor was late for his mortgage. Martinez said that having received Dr. Murray's credit reports Equifax Experian and Transunion but not because they did not accept the summons. Then they spent in court the voice message that Frank Dileo left on the answering machine of Dr. Murray five days before the death of Michael Jackson:
"I'm sure you do not know that he had a" episode "last night. He is sick "" Today Saturday, tomorrow I'm on the way back. I will not continue my journey. Uh, I think you need ... I think you need to do blood tests on him today. You have to see what he does. Very well. Thank you. "
Brian Panish said he thought F. DiLeo had spoken with one of the leaders of AEG just before the phone call. Panish then showed some documents obtained by Martinez to show that Dr. Murray had lost its privilege in some hospitals. Panish finished his interrogation by telling Martinez again if he thought that Dr. Murray was in a desperate financial situation in 2009.
Detectives Dan Meyers and Scott Smith investigated with Martinez on Dr. Murray as part of the criminal case. Martinez said that his unit LAPD investigation into sexual wm3470hva assault, robbery, murder. The detective entered the house of MJ under investigation.
Putnam asked Martinez if, as a policeman, he had special privileges to do this research. Martinez said that private detectives can do. Putnam: "If I wanted to look at your credit, I need your permission to do so? "Martinez:" I think so. "Putnam" There are limits to what civilians can do in terms of research? "Martinez:" I think so. "Putnam asked Martinez if the research credits of a person without his consent was a crime? "This is a crime. "Said Martinez. Regarding the search for Dr. Conrad Murray wm3470hva at UCLA, Martinez said: "When I sent two detectives to go back, it was gone. "Putnam asked why Martinez wanted to talk to Dr. Murray. Martinez said: "To get directly from his mouth what had happened. "Panish:" Were you wary vis-à-vis Dr. Murray? "Martinez" Yes. If there was a medical emergency or a natural death, why he refused to talk to us? Why had he left the hospital after he was asked to stay? Why is he not returned to resume his car? Investigators attempted to contact Murray but the doctor wm3470hva did not answer the phone or call back, which seemed suspicious. "Martinez said they knew where was Dr. Murray but had not responded to police calls. "We knew where he was, we followed his mobile phone. He was in Santa Monica. "The detectives questioned him two days after Jackson's death. The doctor told Martinez that he had spoken with people of AEG when he was at UCLA.
Putnam asked how often Martinez wm3470hva had gone to the home of Michael Jackson after the death of MJ. Martinez wm3470hva confirmed that there has been several times. wm3470hva The judge asked Martinez if the police had secured the property of Michael Jackson. Martinez said that the house of Michael Jackson was secure from 14:30 until midnight on the day Michael Jackson died. After midnight, wm3470hva the home of Michael Jackson was secured by the Michael Jackson security team and family members could come and go freely.
Putnam then showed Martinez the image of the front door of the house of Michael Jackson. The detective ident

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