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There is an issue irrelevant. In the United wash bag States, 17,616 emergency patients wash bag wer

If you paste it with the zipper ... - Ara.cat
You can laugh while you're not the question. In fact, most men try not to think about it, do not imagine not remember. But things that affect wash bag health must study them, find ways to prevent them and cure them, and that has been entrusted to doctors and scientific publications. So it was only a matter of time before they published an epidemiological study on injuries to the genitals because of the pants zippers.
There is an issue irrelevant. In the United wash bag States, 17,616 emergency patients wash bag were between 2002 and 2010 because of zipper pants and stuck it had been made. Difficult to understand the pain that can cause the penis to stick with a zipper. And if you go to the emergency room is that it is very attached. And usually it takes about three quarters of an hour to free penis trap which has fallen.
The only positive aspect wash bag is that the "epidemic" does not seem to have a tendency to increase and the figures remain more or less stable over time. Among adults is the most common cause of injury to the penis. However among the young, most damage in this area are related to sports. As you can imagine: trompades the ball playing football or handlebars stuck because of clashes bike.
The thing is simple. The advice they give is generously applied to the penis and oil rack and let awhile. wash bag According to doctors, in the twenty something released almost a minute alone or opposes little resistance to the release. Just a matter of not being stingy with the oil and leave the patient in a quiet place discreet.
Do not specify, but I guess to avoid any stimulus that causes changes in the level of turgidity of the penis as if about to start stretching, the results wash bag can be terrible. wash bag In principle it would seem that this is not a situation for joy, but there are tastes for everything. In addition, the penis has a tendency to go it alone that certainly wash bag could relate to Murphy's Law.
When I lived in Switzerland, a well known local newspaper published a case that ended with police, medical bills, insurance and judgments. In the end no one laughed. The culprits were a couple that were later to get to the concert. In the end, the rush, the husband was not able to close the zipper, but it was already dark, so all went home and waiting for the opportunity. Late marriage occupied their seats, but it is clear, is not sitting close zipper for lack of a straight line. But the Lord was a unique opportunity to find out when they had to raise it to let another couple in the dark when the driver came and as the lights went out. But alas. The unfortunate man really could rack up but not caught anything but his lap when the lady went before him. Imagine the scene: voices shouting that happens, the very amoscat second husband, the second lady calling to let her go, voices calling for silence, the driver says annoyed by the noise ... if it was true.
Miquel. But if it happens. I suspect it must be subject to seasonal and summer will more often. In any case, it never hurts to know om resolve the issue
Mary J. Women! the subject is not exactly high scientific research. On the other hand, refer to the "why" is because although the penis is mostly wash bag affected part can also happen wash bag that the testicles wash bag are trapped, so that "something" embraces everything.
I admit that I went once, years ago. It is very painful but I managed to free myself alone. It is, I think, not to get nervous, have cold blood. But during a day are the effects ...
Forgive me, but I've never understood how they spend these things. That is, if you wear underwear, wash bag there is a kind of containment barrier that prevents either party in question into the danger zone, right? Prevention is not as easy as recommend it to everyone who uses underpants?
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