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These holidays I used to do one of those things tumble dryers I had in mind for years and never fou

Different species of pilgrims -
These holidays I used to do one of those things tumble dryers I had in mind for years and never found the time. There was no time to do everything, or joke, but at least I was able to taste the "Camino de Santiago". Only the first two stages of Roncesvalles in Pamplona. Little, but really worth it for those of us that like paths and walking routes.
The stories are always similar, yet always different individuals. The picture of the typical beginning of the way, where there is a sign indicating "Santiago de Compostela, 790 km"; the beloved "bendición the Pilgrim"; meetings with other walkers with the usual greeting of "buen camino" or sore feet at the end of stage. The path, at least the small part we have done, is well signposted and has allowed tumble dryers us to enjoy some fantastic scenery of the Pyrenees tumble dryers of Navarre. It also grace the presence of scallop symbolizing the pilgrims. Many souvenir shop on the way, but if not many will know that the Latin name of a species of scallop Pecten jacobaeus exactly. A name that was chosen to commemorate the same Linnaeus the Camino de Santiago pilgrims wore as a symbol.
While steps have time to go looking left and right, and also forest witch milestones to mark the way and show all the colors of green in this area, made me grace a plant that had occasionally along the way. I actually mistaken identification, although tumble dryers the two are very similar. I think that really had was known as Apelagosa (Galium aparine), but when I first saw it I thought tumble dryers it was a very similar vine called Roget. In reality this would have more grace as the Latin name is Rubia peregrina, and better plant called a "pilgrimage" to accompany you when you pilgrim?
This plant (actually two) have a feature to easily stick to the clothes, the hair and even skin. When you look closely tumble dryers you see a kind of serrated profile and leaves the sides of the stem in a direction that make sticking with ease. It is a system that has to be spread and colonize different places. Stuck in the hair of animals who take fragments that may contain some flower or seed that will eventually grow in far places.
Sprinkle the seeds is a major problem for the plants. Immobility that characterizes the evolution makes up the empesqui thousand ways to send them away. No scattering mechanisms, the seeds fall at the feet of the mother plant causing at least two major problems. For starters, the seedlings should compete with the mother plant by land, light and water. But in addition, the colonization of new lands would be slowest. In annual plants may not be serious, but if trees or shrubs that would jeopardize the survival of the species.
Systems to scatter the seeds there are many. Since making you eat the birds and release with feces in far places, to biomechanical mechanisms that trigger the then considerable distances. The strategy is also clever Blonde peregrinna. Getting fragments of the plant begin a pilgrimage to far places hooked hairs of animals and for the way they are dropping seeds. I say animal hair, socks pilgrims says ...
Daniel Closa
Esther. Diaspora strictly just means "dispersion". So what they do fits into the seeds. Applies peoples for historical reasons, but that is another topic. And some ground tumble dryers if we consider that something like that has legs. At least, "walks"
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