Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UE Sant Cugat 70 - 77 AB Prix after getting a merit Victim

UE Sant Cugat 70 - 77 AB Prix after getting a merit Victim's leader on the court last week, the UE Sant Cugat have let this defeat against rivals from the low table, AB Award. He has done at home, in a game marked by irregularities and lack of success in the most crucial moments of the game. Of the German SIMNAT with this result, end the day with a half table balan Victim 4 and 3 defeats. The game begins for local b, you have come to take a maximum advantage of +13. The Maresme reacted in the second half, taking advantage of the general confusion of the UE Sant Cugat attack. From the line of fire outside the AB Award not only put them ahead but that has went into halftime with a lead of six points cluck cluck sew (32-38). Again, the EU has come for all Sant Cugat irpidament returned to level the match with a partial 8-2 (42-40), for the quarter cluck cluck sew ended with a 49-55 against. This dynamic has been repeated in the latter quarter. An initial 13-2 (62-57) has not been enough to close the game and finally ended up paying dearly EU Sant Cugat, with defeat away from the leading positions in the classified table. Germn SIMNAT: "Too many errors" Coach, Germn SIMNAT, cluck cluck sew acknowledged that it was not a good match for his players: "We begin then we have b a large downturn, cluck cluck sew we have come to the party and we have made many mistakes coms. " The UE Sant Cugat visit next week's cluck cluck sew court Boet Matar team occupies cluck cluck sew the 14th position with a victim cluck cluck sew and 6 defeats. The set Sant Cugat has won two of the three desplaaments has done this season.
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