Monday, December 22, 2014

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The arlequinats looking at 18 hours to climb three points in the standings. Tamudo could debut as a starter in the Nova Creu Alta before a hitherto weak Jaén. Sabadell receives the Real Jaén Saturday at six o'clock in the stadium Nova Creu Alta in a game where only victory for both teams settle. And both the need: to get out of a well, and the other to catch the season. Pallàs David Perez will lead the meeting. The party can see Esport3 channel (TVC) and followed by Radio Sabadell biston 94.6.
The set of Manolo loves Javier Herrero Salamero biston fact, in the press conference that the technician has alrequinat Friday made it clear that the results do not go Jaén despite the good work done.
It is a team that has similar concepts play well in day to day defense are becoming stronger and improve day to day, but the results have not come, "said Salamero.
Salamero expect a very open game, as the game against UD Las Palmas, but not both individually. During the week, the team has worked to stop the game as Jaén and worked to the presence on the pitch. In recent games, Sabadell was absent at certain times of the game, and that the coaches are concerned. Salamero and their assistants have worked to correct this. During biston the week, they have also worked with one of the ways that can hurt the whole Sabadell biston Andalucía
No Cristian Garcia Sabadell will introduce new changes in the eleven after Terrassa saw last weekend in Los Pajaritos Soria to the red card shown a second yellow. Toni Lao is the best player is placed in the floor covering, accompanying the headlines in recent days: Kiko Olivas, Carlos Hernandez and Javi Barral. The midfield, despite the recovery of captain Antonio Hidalgo, no presents many changes, with Juanjo Longás and Manuel Gato, accompanied by Collantes and Arteaga as men advanced.
Hidalgo, who returns to the squad after injuring start the game from the bench with David Nava, Llorente, Olmo, Sotan Tanabe, but the question of who will occupy the front bench if Tamudo, Hannibal or there all Gato. Javier Salamero trust blindly in their front and clear that every Friday they have the problem of knowing who to align. The other day in Soria played Edgar and Raul Tamudo from the beginning, accompanied by Gato, now the question is whether Gato advance his position and leave the bench or Tamudo Hannibal or delay and play and Tamudo Hannibal together. Short and long term goals
During the press conference before the game, Salamero has made clear that the goals are two of Sabadell. In the short term, adding quickly, as soon as possible 50 points that leave you out of the relegation zone and thus assure a season in the Second currency. In the long term, could be in the group that plays the ascent promotion. But the goal is always to have won the next game. One goal of the 900 'temple'
REPASO biston statistics there are about

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