Monday, December 29, 2014

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As stated by the song called my contracrònica today, because this until next year. In fact a few days ago, since it was getting salvation mathematics, I think the team has not played the games at the level that it could have done if he had really believed the possibility best iron of sticking to uptown classification.
Guarantor best iron that, today's best iron game was a totally inconsequential and other equipment, I call on those ribs. Nothing to lose and nothing to gain, well actually I think we had to win the team put on a show on the field and provide a final victory of a more symbolic best iron than anything else, a hobby has done a lot in the next year very complicated, full of changes. But today the team has not had any sort of competitive tension and this has made encaixéssim 4 goals so easily in another league when we have reached frightening. We have scored two, one carom of Nakor and Marcos.
People in the stands as always ranting about everything and everyone and believes has been a season to forget, however other than proud of his team and coaching staff down the field, make a corridor players and technicians, and end mantejant in Piti. Gentlemen, neither one thing nor the other, best iron I feel that Andreuenc and Catalans are a bit extreme, or even see it very much see it black or white.
So today said the party's interest in all this was the rumors and rumors: high, low, renewals, transfers. These days I have come to feel everything, and this summer the market has not officially begun. It's fascinating what you can get that same player: it is that way, it already has done who knows with what equipment. But in the end all are rumors, and I take them to me hard and humor. best iron Piti has abated somewhat everything officially confirming renewals that have been signed this week Dídac, Ruben, and Edgar Melo. Andreuenc, andreuenques we can sleep peacefully, at least we have four players next season! From now begins the dance of names, the festival rumors, encounters great street, La Rambla, Orfila with a guarantee that members and supporters best iron spoke with a player who is already done with the other who do not know who else up, some names that sound for next season, which dropped to a Twitter does not follow that the other has no comment to really best iron know where that next year will ...
Day also goodbyes, and I've always thought that the San Andres are a great little family we see August to May (or even if you play the promotion to June) and today we said "Goodbye, until next! "and spend the summer best iron disconnected from each other to join him in August best iron with renewed energy to hold us back, discuss and fight one more season.
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