Sunday, January 25, 2015

1. Do not worry about getting them to look at the camera. 2. Make funny noises. 3. Sound gemrincing

"We photographers deal with things that continue to disappear, and when they have vanished, no discovery on earth which can make them come back again. We can not develop and print a memory. "@ Henri Cartier-Bresson
I read the words and immediately thought about my son. I remembered how quickly he develops. It is easy to imagine the day he would walk out of the front door, bags packed, wave goodbye, and went to experience the adventure of his own.
1. In the favorite seat 2. In addition teddy bear or favorite toy 3. In a laundry basket maytag dryer onesie 4. Using the same for the first year 5. I use my child's baby jogger for comparison. Easy to maneuver against the light was good and we kept it for six years!
1. In addition to the window. Look around your home for the best place. The laundry room I have the best light all over my house. 2. Close to a sliding maytag dryer glass door. 3. In front of the front door open (Not recommended in winter, for obvious reasons.) maytag dryer 4. Avoid using flash. It can be surprising for the little guy. If that means you have to turn on the lights over your home, turn on!
1. Do not worry about getting them to look at the camera. 2. Make funny noises. 3. Sound gemrincing. 4. Play peek-a-boo with the camera. maytag dryer 5. Do not say smile (they will not know for several months what it means anyway). 6. Their reaction will change as they age. Initially they will be staring into space. Then they will see you. Then they will see their reflection and then they might start trying to crawl towards you or the camera.
Select a day, mark it on your calendar and every month for the first year you take a photo. Do not worry about whether or not it is the right day. With your child, you got some other things to juggle!
But, what if you missed it? What if you have not been documented, and now they are 4 or 5 years old and too big for the suggestions above. What can you do?
We like to use the signs height you can find at the amusement park, zoo, and doctors offices. Even playground Ikea that works! Think about the places you go that often have signs or markers. Try a road sign near your home or even your front door as a backdrop.
Even if you miss one or two months, every photo you take will still show their growth from time to time! Get creative and have fun watching them grow!
Katrina Kennedy is a photographer, teacher, writer, and mother. He was very interested in documenting everyday moments of his life. Katrina has helped hundreds maytag dryer of people improve their photography skills in online classes in GetItScrapped. In October he launched his latest class, Exposure. Katrina has CaptureYour365, a community for ideas, support, and inspiration for your 365 project. Follow him on twitter.
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