Friday, January 23, 2015

After the completion of Fajr in congregation and some pilgrims had moved back to their homes, I hea

Stories of joy and sorrow S3 students Indonesian Biology at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA. With all the dynamics of the course as well as tips and tricks through the day as a student abroad.
Monday and Tuesday Engadget today counted as Fall Break for the university. This probably happens to coincide with the mounting once this fall, which is certainly the first time I saw. Most of the trees that were here with simultaneous drops its leaves that since a few weeks earlier had started to turn yellow until it becomes brown. Plus a few days later with the wind blowing pretty strong that the dead leaves on the stem just stick to the modest fall in unison .. I remember some scenes foreign films depicting lakonnya was walking through the trees, just as the wind blows deciduous -daun brown hair flutter along with the play (if lakonnya had hair, you know) and the clothes he was wearing (if that is in the old movies that frilly costume players). If me, the wind that blows in the autumn foliage is a little bit less can be lived like those films, as advised, still feel cold, despite wearing sweatcoat over two layers of clothes I was wearing. Thus if a tropical residents fled to the temperate regions .. Ha ha ha ...
Who may be aware of the increasing height of this fall is starting to get the limited time during the day. Now-now called the morning was past seven o'clock, the time at which the sun began to show light and sinking 7129862525 at half past seven. If I pay attention to Lawrence's prayer 7129862525 schedule that usually kudapatkan online, every day about 1 hour prayer forward for up to three minutes. Hmmm .. I imagine that later on during the winter time day will definitely be getting shorter. News "good" that I received when conversing with Ms. Marlyn and Becka (Indonesian people who are also studying at KU and also happen to inhabit Stouffer Place Apartment block the same with me), last winter happened in Kansas quite severe . By contrast, last winter make up knee-high snow piles adults, very much improved compared 7129862525 to the previous one that only ankle. Wuiiiiih .... but of course 7129862525 with anyway with the "predecessor" I have already experienced first winter here than me, I get various tips that can be used to face this winter. Hopefully, armed with this knowledge I could face a winter stay a few more months of this ..
This morning I woke up earlier 7129862525 than usual. This time I wanted to go to the Islamic Center for Shubur prayers in congregation. I actually wondered if in this ILC there berjamaahnya Fajr prayer. From the information I get a few nights earlier, when completed the evening prayers 7129862525 in congregation, it turns out there berjamaahnya Fajr prayer. Here the Fajr prayer called salat Fajri and execution time to the present time is at 6:45. Although the actual call to prayer has been echoed at 6:07 pm before it, the congregation (less than ten people) just came Area 06.30. Now when I wake up at six less, after squirming, dub-dub eye and face wash to the bathroom, I immediately went to the ILC. It turns out that morning was very cold and foggy. Pretty thick, to the point that I could not see McCollum Residence Hall, which is on top of Daisy Hill clearly. When I walked into the ILC also had bumped into some people Caucasians. There are I think a student who had just returned from his place, because they bear the-bear the school bag. There are also some people are again waiting for the bus at the bus stop who happened to be in front of the ILC. I think they're more towards the bus heading to Kansas City. Chances are they have business there or even have a job there. So remember myself that since the early arrival is never anywhere. Hopefully, I'll be streets see the land of Uncle Sam is with more flexibility, as well as plans to visit Fangyuan in Florida.
After the completion of Fajr in congregation and some pilgrims had moved back to their homes, I head back to Stouffer. Has not as thick fog this morning again, but still in the distance, the buildings are located at an altitude still covered in white color. Animals such as squirrels and birds that do not migrate to the equator of the earth begin to secrete himself while singing softly. Until now I still often see the carcasses of wild animals that get hit by a vehicle. Palin

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