Saturday, January 24, 2015

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nuna, which turned out to be brother-complex ama ade ny (as well as the sister-complex Taemin ama nunanya, kekeke) story he ngebikin ttg diary of his daily life he ama ade * read: Taemin * in their home safe, serene and peaceful, and nuna ny is going ngebuka her diary's contents in several page.
Nuna's Diary story itself not exactly finished, philips iron about her during philips iron my masi had his obsession so nuna Taemin (ga will kesampean) FF because it will further continue my imagination about Taemin jga ga abis2, hehe * hug Taemin + Kisu *
He lay on his bed, seemed asleep. I approached him and looked into the face of the angel. His eyes were closed. There is something wrong. Surely she pretended to be asleep. Idly, I closed his nose with my hand. He began scrambling.
She lay down and pulled the blanket down his chin. I patted the blanket, making it well wrapped. He smiled watching me. "Hopefully sweet dreams" I said then. He smiled.
"I can not" I said simply.
"Mollayo", plain face once when he said that, "We can not continue later nuna? Outside overcast, if we do not go now, I'm afraid it rains ~ ", a sad face made my heart melt.
ah, anyone who got hold dongsaengs as cute Taemin .. I also want nyuciin shirt Taemin, hehe. tw whom I find any 'something' in the laundry basket hehe. So ya the story of his nuna ama tuh Taemin had a relationship so special. They were Sodara bladder atao step? Appa his umma where?
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