Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cadet 'A' and Junior 'A' dryer repair play against the leaders of the Cadet category 'A' moves in the field of Cherry (Saturday 16h) with the ability to get the youth leader 'A' seek Sunday (18pm) cut distances during his visit to Verneda (Jupiter) Junior 'B' and subsidiary also play important games this Saturday dryer repair afternoon
Possibly the key party this weekend will be the Junior 'A'. The Sergi Gonzalez moving Sunday (18h) in the city to play a great game of football in the field of Jupiter. The green and white try to jump on the lawn of the Verneda with the clear intention to compete at a high level against the best teams in the category. The distance is now 8 points and thus gain was lost in a world (in case of a tie still intact options, although smaller). If they take away our 3 points again to stick to Jupiter and therefore, again take the train to the rise favorite. Stick to the upper area of the table can be a definite dryer repair step to start a second round in which, if corrected the mistakes of the first stretch of the season, will surely our options because it is a lot of teams and league where each day there are stitches of title contenders. Recall that in the first leg encounter in a crazy, the result was a draw 3-3. The game at the Jupiter can follow the Twitter channelcev_endirecte.
The Cadet 'A', however, has more leeway dryer repair and the game this Saturday afternoon (16h) can not be considered, much less as a final. Given equal the 1st division cadets anyone is aware that the remainder of the season all teams will stop uptown points. In fact, a few days ago the distance between our and Cherry got to be 9punts: the defeat of the cadets in the field Mataro and because Cherry had a party (although had to rest). But in the last two days have not rated cirerencs: rest and defeat Vilassar de Mar and therefore has approached our only 3 points. A fact which, together with the 3-1 victory in the first leg, making if our win in Mataro are placed as leaders. Either way, you win, lose or ties: we are sure is that Saturday afternoon will live an exciting game between two teams fighting for one goal so ambitious as uploading favorite.
Saturday afternoon will thrill not only in the field but also in the Cherry Mpal of Vallmorena: dryer repair and here is where you will live at home two duels with very different objectives. In 16'30h prominence to the permanence of Youth 'B': against a direct rival like our Moncada are required to take three points and reduce the gap with salvation. Next week we play against a team from the lower well (Vilassar de Mar) and in theory this could be a very important step of our youth: dryer repair in two weeks could take much air. And then the Junior 'B' turn by Branch: Vilassar the 'B' visited the Arenys (18'30) after the field to give a lot of runner (Susannenc). This time we live debut as a local Jaume Bonet reserves the bench. A debut that want it aimed to gain a victory again off the team.
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