Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I sat in the swing still holding the phone, waiting for a reply from him. Tonight was not snowing.

"I I,"
"I will be responsible if it does happen to you rin-ah," aals interrupted the man. The long-haired girl turned her head at the man who has won 'mahkota'nya last night. aals
I went into the bathroom. Sat in the back door, squeezing edge of the blanket still wear. I looked great new shirts given Minho before getting into the shower earlier. Gosh, what do I do with him? Even with Jino I never dared to do so. And one important thing, he still wore the wooden ring in his hand.
I brought the blanket out of the bathroom. Put the dirty laundry basket. My hands are stopped at the top of the basket when he saw Minho and dress shirt was there too. Quickly threw the blanket aals origin, and immediately returned to the TV room. My face heated up last night to remember events.
"Hey Neul Rin," says Minho from the kitchen when I got in the TV room. He poured hot water into the cup ramen two slowly. Once completed, Minho bring it to the table ramen TV space. Sitting in front of me now.
"Let's eat," he shouted, trying to look at me. I immediately looked away from his eyes and grabbed aals the cup ramen. Because too panicked, I even hold the cup in the middle, not at the end of a special cup so that the hands are not too hot.
"I walked out," Minho gently tousled my hair and then moved out of the apartment. I immediately aals put it past ramen Fanning own hands to my face. Uh, why am I so stupid? Carried away just because of the cold. You've captured it from Hyunmi, Neul Rin stupid. Moron.
"Hi?!" I said with a slight chuckle. Minho shook his head and went into her room. A moment aals later he came out of the room, carrying a wallet and out of the apartment. Okay, you have to hold yourself from now Neul Rin.
Minho drove up to the front door of my apartment. Kutempati new apartment a month ago. He was interested and eventually I brought into the. When entered, his eyes exploring every corner of my apartment. Staring at a lot of photos displayed on a table near the entrance.
"Will soon I threw," I replied briefly and then went inside to change her clothes. While I undress, Minho look around the apartment. Uh, why kejadia night always swirling in my head? In hindsight, I would have betrayed Jino. I betrayed Jino and Hyunmi.
When finished neatly dressed. I followed Minho outside to greet guests. One man and one woman. Jino Cho and Choi Minsuk. Tch, what they are here.
"You do not see this ring?" Asked Jino, raising aals his left hand, showing a winged aals ring terlingkar aals sweetly there, "We're tied to one another. You can not go anymore Neul Rin, "
I pay attention to every detail of the hall. Do not get the wrong hall again like before. Now I know the difference hall in this Coex. Floor hall mine pale blue, while the hall is used Minho pink. Although I can not see into the future, now that I've aals been able to distinguish the floor.
'Hall who you rent it belongs to a friend eomma. He says someone renting the hall with the name Kim Neul Rin with Jino Cho, who is he? ' eomma tone began to rise. I bowed my head trying to figure out the reason. Until suddenly eomma denounced again. aals
Eomma hung up. I was silent, pondering the words eomma. aals Slut. The words it is right for me. I'm just a slut who loves two men, without thinking aals about other people's feelings. Indirectly I hurt Jino and Hyunmi because of my relationship aals with Minho. Now what? Eomma will hate me?
What I have to go to France to follow eomma? This explains all? Just the way that eomma and Appa not misunderstand. I do not want to hurt them. Yes, I have to go there together with Minho.
Slowly I walked down the street to the park near the apartment Minho. While sending the message that he met me at the park. I was too scared to one room again. Yeah, afraid that the outrageous incident happened again.
I sat in the swing still holding the phone, waiting for a reply from him. Tonight was not snowing. Air is also not as cold as the days of yesterday. Hopefully no sudden storm again like yesterday.
Hyunmi stared at the message of Neul Rin. Unconsciously he was holding the phone tightly Minho was so upset. During this time he thought Minho never touch again with the girl. Because it yesterday when he met with Neul Rin he threw his best smile. He re-read the message from Neul Rin.
Icon at the end of the name Neul Rin Hyunmi concern. Heart mark, together with the name in the phone phonebook Minho. She almost cried when

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