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In cases of sepsis, physicians now have few options beyond massive doses of antibiotics and try to

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The most ingenious ideas are usually simple in appearance .... I thought that seeing a widget developed to combat one of the most common clinical problems in intensive care units: sepsis. We speak of sepsis when microorganisms are circulating in the blood of the patient.
Infection bosch washing machines by bacteria, viruses or fungi usually start the skin or digestive system by the lungs. There are other ways, but these are the most common routes of entry. The microbe is a place to settle and begin to multiply. Try to do it very quickly not to give time to the immune system to destroy it. This battle between microbes and cells tend to develop at the same site of infection and perhaps lymph nodes. When microbes begin to be running blood is a very clear signal that they are winning the battle and scattering throughout the body.
In cases of sepsis, physicians now have few options beyond massive doses of antibiotics and try to keep the patient alive to give a little more time to see if the immune system eventually come out. But now empescat have a device that would wipe the blood of invading microbes using a very clever strategy.
To defend ourselves from microbes in addition to the normal immune response, there is no inflammatory response. This is very specific and less effective immunity, but has the virtue of being much faster. There cells (macrophages) that have proteins called opsonines, specialized microbes to stick. Not everyone, of course, but a large majority. So when something joins these opsonines, macrophage known that there are bacteria and activates all inflammation.
So what they have done has been to manufacture a sort of chamber where it circulates the blood of people with sepsis. Just before the blood enters the chamber they add small size microscopic magnetic beads which are all glued to the surface of opsonines. If there are microbes will stay glued to the beads and pass through the chamber as a complex microbe-covered balls. The image of the original article, it looks like there are a E. coli and S. aureus covered balls (by the way, the "balls" is called magnetic nanospheres). Grace is the opsonines are relatively nonspecific, so any bacteria it stick. Antibodies are much more efficient, but it serves as a bacterium does not work for the rest. In this case the fact that little specialization is what makes valuable.
The camera has a porous wall behind which there has magnets powerful enough bosch washing machines to drag the balls (remember they were magnetic) so let the blood go through the pores and go to a different room where they will be washed by a flow saline. bosch washing machines Initially, the blood will not have the balls or even the majority of microbes that already had and will return to the patient's body. So far it has worked very well in rats.
Of course, if the infection is viral or parasites that are within the cells no longer work, but other cases can be a great help. Do not make an absolute cleanliness, but it will greatly reduce the number of bacteria in the blood, bosch washing machines so that the work of the immune system is much easier. A simple mechanism, based on practical and efficient to combine a bit of molecular biology, cell biology bosch washing machines a little, a little physics of magnetism, a little bit fluid physics and nanotechnology.
Incredible !! So "easy" and take the blood and clean it! This reminds me of one I read Mort (small, of course: P) where Mort said "I thought it was a stomach Lavado de otra cosa" bosch washing machines and saw a doctor who put a mop in the mouth Filemon XD
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