Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Recently, netizens were shocked by the circulation show entitled "Christianization shrouded in Car Free Day in Jakarta". Video uploaded dryer on youtube is covering the activities of a particular group of Christians are labeled by reporters as "missionaries", by distributing biscuits, milk, dove symbol necklace and a peak around 14-15 minutes there was a mother who did evangelism dryer (PI) in the frontal against an old woman who was not paid much attention to the mother, but the mother invited dryer to pray by Christians earlier. (The video can be seen below)
The DJ, reporters once uploader impressions dryer bullied, while in various Islamic media praised. dryer In this forum we as Christians are true, what should we do? Can we actually do PI frontally as the mother? What is your opinion?
If you want to evangelize better indeed make another bridge. Either personally, dryer or services clearly about evangelism. dryer If like this it feels like lured. With short evangelistic so, I also do not believe the contents of the gospel is given well.
Nazareth dude I agree with you. People do not repent in this way. Now even be a commotion in the neighborhood. Should not have to read and read the writings of "saved" all. Dividing groceries yes divided alone, yet God wants us to pay attention to others in need. Without Christians have a good testimony, do we dream can preach the gospel in the frontal and was greeted with repentance!
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