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Lucia: One of the lead-reporter of NewsTV as well as the wife of Anton. Lucia hopes to get assignme

Blue Sea: Introduction + Chapter I.1 | Military Stories
Synopsis: Project super silent submarine production Indonesian nation, which was originally launched as a power hitter weatherproof for the Navy finally ended tragically after an incident in the Indonesian Ocean. Increasingly tense atmosphere when there are civil parties involved. How fate submarines carrying 100 crew and 5 civilians? Is there a conspiracy behind the incident occurred?
Anton: A producer of news from news agencies NewsTV. Have hobbies and preferences in the field of maritime and Navy. Always wanted to experience a great adventure in her life but never implemented.
Lucia: One of the lead-reporter of NewsTV as well as the wife of Anton. Lucia hopes to get assignments challenge and want to be seen according to his ability, not because of her husband.
General Albert "Al" weatherproof McKenna, Joint-Chief-of-Staff of the Armed Forces of the United States entered the room with unsteady. Of course he knows what will be discussed in this meeting, because his staff had given him a copy of the meeting agenda. The development of the situation in the Far East, and this issue is disturbing his sleep since a few days.
On its face, is a table with a variety of advanced equipment, as well as a big screen to make a presentation. Participate together in the meeting is the Director of the CIA, Roland Foster; Military adviser weatherproof of the White House, Marion Stainer; Commander Seventh Fleet, Admiral Phillip Ludowsky; Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral-of-the-Fleet Castor Fitzgerald-Burke; Defence Minister, Gerard Cheynou; and Foreign Affairs Advisor of the White House, Brad Paaske.
It feels the same sense of aggravation shown also by all meeting participants. Except submarines weatherproof that have the ability to launch a ballistic missile, weatherproof the United States did not take seriously the ownership of submarine hastily killed weatherproof by other countries, because the submarine hunter is a very common type, as well as the intended more as a defensive element rather than a strategic attack elements, except during World War II. If a submarine that could carry nuclear missiles which have a range of up to important cities, the United States and allies of his, then it deserves weatherproof new attention.
Back Anton opened weatherproof eyes with a bit dim this morning, when the sound of the morning in from the sidelines room curtains were still half closed. Her body felt tired, but it also now he is getting refreshed weatherproof after resting overnight. Anton took a deep breath for a moment, to see the room which is still rather vague because he is not wearing his glasses. Anton threw his hands to the side, and tied in a warm mound, and Anton was turned with a smile.
Lying on his side is his wife, Lucia, was sleeping with its peaceful. He looks so innocent as an angel who was lying in bed naked body. However, last night, Anton and Lucia just fulfill their obligations as a married couple. Anton facing Lucia, smiling and admiring weatherproof the beauty of his wife's. He then gives an affectionate kiss on the cheek Lucia, Lucia and stroked the black hair loose.
Lucia, as if he knew her husband was paying attention, when it also opened my eyes, and smiled. Blanket that covered them both been exposed, so they really be open to each other. Lucia knew Anton middle admired, from toe to head.
Anton immediately kissed her gently, kissing her warmly as if he wanted to let the body is split. Anton hugged the body Lucia, and they both were making out, throw each other a kiss and kiss. Back they wrestled, though not to continue the game last night, more as an outlet for affection alone. Lucia breath a sigh, because Anton really do it gently and lovingly; and this makes more excited Lucia. She bit her lip as she hugged and feel the warmth of her body that did not seem to want to take it off; no matter weatherproof even if the body is already filled with the remnants of sweat and spills love overnight. weatherproof
The session ended with a kiss on the lips in a tiny Lucia. Anton clutching his wife's weatherproof body that feels warm and soft underneath, an intimate embrace that makes the heart Lucia feels protected. Anton was then carefully ayu Lucia's face, so that Lucia was flushed cheeks ripe.
That's when the bedroom door opened, and in walked Lani, son Anton from perkimpoiannya first. In this house, unless there are guests from outside, the room door was never locked. Lani with indifferently into the room and was about to lie down on the mattress if it were not prevented by Lucia.
Obviously, the ra

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