Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Satire word Spicy - When we met with the kind of friend who Ngeselin, likes to make mumps well sometimes we've upset until the fontanel but can not bluntly because of something then we pikirin tuh how that could mneyindir spouse. In stage sarcastically quipped spicy satire stage this time perhaps sew le sew most acute alias could have triggered a quarrel cielahh, mah .. so it's sew le sew best to be patient and trust tetep, if excessive levels of patience you might you can invite him to read so wise aphorisms spouse more attention to his behavior.
Be careful at licker .. it can bite too
I'm sorry I nyari krna single serious, rich ngak you who are just took her status Well ityu scathing satire sew le sew of words that may not have spoken, because in fact it insinuated ituh ga DELICIOUS better we talk with calm heart and maybe he will more accepting of our suggestions. Weve hearts wound is not easy to treat and forgotten so be careful in talking and sarcastic because karma exists !.
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